Pregnant with a contraceptive implant?

Hiya am a little confused and would be grateful for some advice. I've had the contraceptive implant in for 3 years now and its due out in August, it's been great! Although a gained just over a stone, am convinced it's down to the implant as I didn't change my eating or exercise habits at all.

In the last few weeks I have been feeling really queasy (especially after eating), dizzy, headaches, needing to urinate more frequently, and the main one is feeling tired/exhausted. The last few weeks I have been completely shattered and last weekend I was so exhausted I slept on and off though the day and tasks like walking the dog was a real struggle! I even find myself becoming increasingly tired in work.

I've also gained lbs. in 4 weeks!!! :x Again no change in eating or exercise habit. My tummy has become very bloated and swollen looking, I am a size 14 so I have a bit of a tummy anyway, but it has become more prominent and full looking. Also my belly button and area around it have become quite tender. My tummy feels very fluttery and strange, a feeling I can't put my finger on.

I haven't experienced tender breasts but I now have prominent blue veins in my breasts and they look swollen. I feel different and all these things are very out of character especially feeling exhausted. I did take cold and flu tablets for a few days because I was convinced I was coming down with something but it did nothing. My periods are a little haywire anyway because of the implant, my last full one was 28th may and lasted 6 days. Then on the 22nd June I had spotting (clumps -sorry TMI) but have had no period.

I did a pregnancy test a few days ago, but it was negative, but I still feel all the symptoms and my friend said maybe am convincing myself that I am pregnant, is there a chance I could be or is it all in my mind?

I no its quite unlikely to become pregnant on the implant, but I read somewhere that if you are over a certain BMI you should have the implant out 3 months earlier, which is something I was never told! Does anybody know if this is true?

Sorry it's so long I just feel a bit lost and need some advice! :cry: Thanks :\) I have also posted this in the forum Pregnancy and Planning a baby.

PS. My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex so although I have the implant we use no other contraception.


  • It's meant to say I have gained 6lbs in 4 weeks.
  • Hi,

    Not much advice I can offer but didn't want to R&R.

    If your last period was on 22nd June, I would wait til Tuesday before doing another test. If this is still BFN then maybe go to your docs and ask as it could be a completely different health issue.

    Sorry not much help!

    Hayley x
  • Thank you Hayley image I will try again on tuesday. I have an appointment booked to remove the implant on the 28th so if still a BFN on the tuesday i will wait till my appointment and ask the doctor. I'm just a little confused! and waiting till 28th is hard lol. xx
  • I know, waiting is just a pain! GL with the doctors. Are you planning on TTC?
  • Yeah waiting is a pain, and seems to drag to lol!!
    When i have the implant out we are going back to using condoms and see what happens =D.
    Even now i feel really tired and tummy feels strange! x
  • I would say with almost 100% certainty that you are not pregnant. I have never heard of having the implant out early if you are overweight. Also the implant isn't going to run out at exactly the 3 year mark. In reality you probably have a good few months of contraception left in it but obviously you can't rely on it after 3 years.

    I would pop to the GP surgery and ask to have your urine tested for infection and maybe get a few blood tests and go from there. x
  • I'd read it on a few forums where people were told by their doctor to have it out 3 months early as it was less effective if you were overweight!

    Yeah i will do =D, i have an appointment booked for the 28th so i will hopefully sort everything out there.

    Thanks for the advice x
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