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OMG!!! i'm ttc next month :)



  • Ok ladies so off we go to ttc!! & Moomin i really hope you'll b joining us soon & pls feel free to add me on facebook (and happymama too), my surnames Dyton & pic of me & my little fella!! first names Leah by the way lol!!
    Not gonna find out sex next time, want a surprise if i hav to go through another 36hr labour!!

    Speak soon guys xxxxx
  • Hey ladies, so I just posted my first message on ttc!!! Eeeeeek so very exciting!!! Af finished on Saturday so about another week and here goes.... I'm nervous,excited and terrified all at one but it feels so right!! I hope you are all well... I may loiter for a while between the 2 forums. Still no laptop so it may not be as frequent but thinking of you all!! image
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