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OMG!!! i'm ttc next month :)

OMG can't believe i can actually say that now!
I'm ridiculously excited but at the same time i'm trying not to expect to fall preg straight away so i don't get upset if it doesn't happen straight away.

Good luck fellow ttcers xxxx


  • wooo hooo!! me too!! haha!! it all seems too close now lol when we decided earlier in the year to ttc from september i was thinking how far away it is but omg!!! its flown by!! image
  • Hi Spuddy, how's u? well i'm due on thurs & after that i may have no more periods or 1 at the most...well hopefully!! we have agreed that we will start trying end aug time as i think i will ov round then...eeeekkkkk so excited but also getting nervous too!! been thinking lately about things like how will i ever love another baby as much as kobe or will i give more attention to new baby & kobe will feel left out?? he's my world & i don't want him to feel any less loved. Do u ever think the same??
  • hey hun...

    i think we have decided the same sort of thing!! haha! as i havent been on the pill for months now as i was on cerezatte and didnt bleed at all so i wanted that sorting well in time for us ttc luckily i went straight back to regular 28/29day cycles and we have been careful but i think from now we will just stop using anything and see how it goes... eeeeep!!!

    i know exactly what you mean.. i have been thinking the same... how could i possibly love another child the way i do isabelle.. will she feel rejected? ... will i resent number 2 for not being able to concentrate on her??? will she?? she loves babies and playing mum but will she be the same with one that doesnt go home?? lol ....of course rationally i know these answers are all "no" but you do worry... i guess its like we wondered how i lives would be with baby number 1... we just didnt know what was coming! even though (fingers crossed) this will be our second pregnancies... its the first time we have planned and the first time we are (hopefully) having our second child... does that make sense?? its just different first times for us ...

    wow!!.. lol im waffling sorry!!

    im ok though... back to work today after a week off with laryngitis.. i could have cried leaving isabelle this morning! lol!! roll on mat leave!! or untill then 4pm wednesday when i finish for the week!!haha!!

    how are you?

  • I'm good hun, been feeling very sick this morn so think i may have bit of bug coming image ..or due on very soon, i do sometimes feel really rough just b4 i get my period..nice!!
    Oh wow so we may actually b bump buddies at same time image he, he how exciting!! me & manny (hubbie) sat down & went through names we liked last night..early i know but hey why not lol!! If it's a girl then we like Aisha or Ellisa & if it's a boy then Mylo or Ethan.
    Have u been taking folic acid? i have been taking mulitvits with it in it for few months & wondering if we need to b taking anything else?

    Glad u r feeling better chick..take care xx
  • Oh no! Sorry you have been feeling rough I hope it clears up soon! Iv been taking the multi vitamins too but nothing else really just trying to do more exercise etc

    We have our names just about picked and as for me I know the pushchair I'd like and what bits to get for the bedroom lol!! Not crazy just trying to be organised! Haha!!

    Well I hope you feel better soon! Take care

  • Oh no! Sorry you have been feeling rough I hope it clears up soon! Iv been taking the multi vitamins too but nothing else really just trying to do more exercise etc

    We have our names just about picked and as for me I know the pushchair I'd like and what bits to get for the bedroom lol!! Not crazy just trying to be organised! Haha!!

    Well I hope you feel better soon! Take care

  • Which pushchair u going for? we had loola with kobe & still got it so prob use that again as i really love it. Still got bebecar car seat for him which goes in travel system but prob get new one as u should have new one with each baby they say.
    Still feel really bleurghhhh....dunno whats up with me, feel really hot & dizzy too...think i'll go docs tomorrow if i still feel rough, get some antibiotics or something.
    Keep seeing all these lovely bumps at work & cute little newborns & making me well broody!! hopefully we'll b sporting cute bumps soon image

    What u up to today? working?

  • hey hun.. yes working today on a nasty late shift so wont be home untill 9pm image my baby will be in bed image then i leave at 715 tomorrow morning to get here for 8 imageimage ah well from 4pm tomorrow im free for the week!! haha!!

    we had a pushchair that oh chose last time and although there is nothing 'wrong' with it i hate it! haha! plus i dont drive and its not folding friendly for buses .. it wasnt a flashy one i dont even know the make tbh but we got a nice maclaren wen lo was 6months and used that ever since (however thats pink so not practicle for a surpise sex and also not suitable from birth anyway) i would like a pushchair with the pram feature this time though i LOVE the babystyle oyster atm!! its gorgeous!! and fits all my requirements lol its just twisting oh's arm!! but to be fair thats all i think we need for number 2 as LO has such a gorgeous cotbed etc so happy to use those again!

    any chance you are feeling rough because you might be pregnant already?? haha!

    i know what you mean at looking at bumps and babies!!! im soo looking forward to this next year!! i just hope it all goes smoothly!!
    what have you been up to??

    ps.. i looked at pics of kobe omg hes just beautiful!!
  • Awww thanks hun & your little girl is gorgoeus too...wouldn't it b fab if i had girl next time & u had boy?? would u like one of each??
    Oh yeh i've seen the oyster & it's gorgeous!! what colour would u get it in? really good price but we don't do it at mothercare..yet!! if we do i may b tempted image
    We will put little un in kobe's old moses basket for 1st few months then move him into a single bed & use his cotbed for new baby, his moses basket is blue though so may get new covers etc.
    Don't think i am preg but 2 b honest over the lst month we've only been suing withdrawl as wanted to give my body chance to get back to normal....don't feel preg though just feel like i got tummy bug image
  • Hi ladies

    I can't believe it's almost sep either!! I've been ready to TTC since feb but needed to wait till sep, thought it would really drag but hasn't at all.

    I'm going to be trying for number 3, already have a boy and a girl so really don't mind what i have next. Just hoping it's not twins as they run in my family and my hubby is a twin!! Don't think i would cope with 4 kids under 4!!!!

    It took me 3 months to fall with both of my children so really hoping it doesn't take too long this time, although i'm not expecting it will happen straight away. Be nice though image

    Good luck ladies and i'll hopefully speak to you soon in TTC xx
  • Haha!! Well I would be a tad jealous if you already were lol! But obviously happy for u make sure u keep me posted! Lol of it's not that and just a bug I hope it goes soon so u can concentrate on ttc! Really hope we r bump buddies that would be awesome!!!

    I really like the oyster in the tomato or green or the silver haha !!! Any will do!

    I love the thought of having a boy but not opposed to the idea of the ladies continuing to rule the roost!! Haha plus I love our chosen girls name 'olivia' so would like to use that!

    I don't know how you work in mothercare and not spend. All your wages!! I'd be terrible! It's a good job I work in pensions can't really do anything with that!! Haha!

  • Wondered where u had gone happy r u? not long for us now guys eeekk!! i think 3-5 months is about average for ttc isn't it? i realise that it might take me longer this time as i'm in my 30's now but hopefully it won't! heres hoping we all fall straight away image
    Spuddy i really don't think i am preg, got churny tummy (like tummy upset) & feel sick but not tired or anything & don't feel preg.
    Yeh the silver is lovely, i do like the black & pink but obviously i wouldn't get that coz we will stay team yellow...u guys finding out sex?
    Lol happymama we have 3 sets of twins in our family too...2 pairs on hubbie's side & one on mine so quiet high chance for us too!! 2 b honest i wouldn't mind if we did have twins but ideally it will just b 1!!
    Oh i love the name Olivia, that was one i had on my girl list when i was preg 1st time but hubby didn't like it image ..he's a fussy old sod lol!!
    Last 2 nights i have had real trouble sleeping & then wake up stupidly early!! so annoying...think i'm just getting excited!!
  • Hello Ladies,

    I've been away so not posted for a while. How is it all going?

    I have good news in that my husbandmight be getting a promotion rather than being made redundant! But bad news in that he is thinking Jan might be a good time to start TTC!

    I just want him to set a date and have a plan we can mostly stick to. I feel that if its up in the air it will keepon getting delayed image

    Need to talk to him about it -be he gets a bit defensive about it.

    Only 1 month to go for you am quite envious, hope you concieve quickly. I know it can take up to a year to concieve before the docs even think there may be a problem -I can't imagine what emotional state I would be in if it took me that long.

    Anyway. Should go do some work.

    Sharon x
  • Hi Moomin, so good to hear from u & great news about your hubbie poss getting promo but shame u r gonna have to wait till jan image ...mind u thats not too long away hun, who knows i may even still b trying then lol!!
    Got my af today & feeling really excited coz after this has finished we will b ttc!! no point waiting till sep as i reckon i'll prob ovulate end august time.
    Could u maybe suggest to compramise with your hubbie & suggest nov time?? r u on pill? if u r u should prob come off it few months b4 u plan to start ttc to give your body chance to get back to normal.
    hapymama & spuddy how r u both? getting as excited as me??
  • Just quick mssage to let u know i've made the leap to ttc...eeeeekkkk!!! i'll still b on here for bit too but made sense to join ttc forum now image ...have put message on there under 'newbie saying hi' if any of u guys want to join me over there

  • Hi.

    Congratulations on officially TTC hope it all goes well and your time in TTC is short.

    I'm not on the pill, I suppose I don't mind so much Jan is only 4 months away.... but don't want to delay it again. We are going to save and I'm working out a budget for what we need babywise. We are so busy this month and Going away in October so Christmas and New Year will be here in no time.

    Good luck
  • Helloooo!! Sorry for the abscence! My stupid laptop has a Virus so need to get it sorted! In the meantime I'm stealing ohs iPhone before he goes off to work so apologies if I make spelling mistakes lol

    Moomin that's fan news about you dh!! Fingers crossed for him and like you say January will be here in no time x

    happymummy that's VERY exciting about 'Graduating' that is fab news image I am just finishing af so here's goes....... image eeeeeeeeeek lol

    I'll officially join when I can get my laptop going but I might go and have a quick nosey before oh leaves at 930 lol

    glad you are well ladies keep us posted x x
  • OMG we couldn't hold out till feb!! lol!! hope we both end up bump buddies image
    Moomin i really hope u do end up ttc a little sooner but def wise to save some money as kitting yourself out for baby #1 is pretty dear!! if ever u need advice on cots/buggies etc then just ask as i work for mothercare so am pretty clued up on the best buys..i hope!!

  • Thank you.

    Congrtulations to you too Spuddy!

    I'll continue to lurk with intent. I need to lose weight too, going to start going back to SW in Septemember after the craziness of Agust is over.

    Moom x
  • Happymummy - I'm fine thanks, sorry i havent been on recently, i don't get the chance to come on here very often as i'm too busy in the day and too tired in the evening! I'm going to find out the sex next time. I didn't with my two but would really like to know next time so i can get the correct sex clothes etc a bit earlier. Are you going to find out?

    I'll be moving over to TTC the next time i come on so will speak to some of you ladies there very soon!!! xx
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