implant removed and still no af

hiya all

i have found this site throught recomendation ....elaine

i have had my implant removed on the 2nd of june and still no af so i was wondering if anyone else was in the same situation or has anyone any good advice for me .

me and my partner are trying for baby number 3 :\?


  • Hi Laura

    No advice really I;m afraid but I am in the same boat - had my implant removed two weeks ago on 21 June and no sign of af yet. I had a few moments in the first week where I thought it was about to happen - lower stomach pain etc - but it never came to anything.

    From everything I've read it's just different for everybody - I think the key is not to worry about it, because that won't help! (and if you work out how to do that, then let me know...!)

    Good luck,

    B xxx
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