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folic acid ladies!

just to say to you all get the folic acid in!!! 3 month prior to ttc an first 12 wks og pg im sure you all no but i thought i would say!!! lol.xxxx
im ttc in aug and have been taking folic acid since may! xhee hee


  • We've planned a big chat in September to work out when we are going to TTC.My OH surprised me the other day when I mentioned this by saying it wouldn't hurt to start taking it.

    I want a baby now! But OH needs convincing but I am now hopeful it may happen sometime this year!

  • i have a big stack from my last pregnancy image , i ended up taking it for 13 months before we concieved!

    good luck x
  • Oh yea must do this as forgot lots last time! xxxx
  • I got mine today! Thanks for the reminder!
  • thanks for the reminder! im going to get mine at the weekend! x
  • Already taking mine even though we're now not ttc until December... seemed a bit silly to stop having started, and I'm taking it when I was taking my contraceptive pill before, so at least I remember it! Apparently it doesn't do any harm, which is just as well!

  • Hi

    Do they really help?i'm going to ttc in the next year and have just come off the pill after 8 years. im wondering do i take them or not? i drink lots of water in general and have an ok diet, im a healthy 9 stone in weight. what do you suggest please?
  • Folic acid is for your baby and help to develop something, not sure what exactly but to do with nerves I think! So even with a healthy diet you should take the supplement for 3 months before and after getting pregnant!
    Also if your want to regulate your cycle I have been taking evening primrose oil which seems to have helped with PMS!
    Good luck and baby dust xx
  • From the NHS website:-

    "Folic acid is very important for the development of a healthy foetus, as it can significantly reduce the risk of neural tube defects (NTDs), such as spina bifida. It is also known as vitamin B9."

    Hope that helps!
  • Hey Baby Vivvy I also take EPO but when I got pregnant with dd my mw said I was to stop taking it, just giving you the heads up for when you get your BFP, not sure why though tbh, maybe you could do some research for yourself. I am ttc no2 just now and am still taking EPO but will stop as soon as getting BPF which I hope is not too long x
  • yeah i read that, something to do with it making the uterus contract so can cause MC. I have decided to take it during period and when TTC but not during TWW just in case! Currently on TWW so not taking any and will hopefully not need to start again!! Finger crossed xx
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