Am I ridiculous?

I'm not planning to try for a baby until after my wedding this time next year. However...I am completely obsessed with babies, so obsessed in fact that I spend more time on this website these days than YAYW forums... :\

I think I'm losing my mind.

I know for a fact we are going to have problems I don't know if it is better to start trying a few months before the wedding, or just wait until afterwards.

Are there any other completely nutty women in this forum who have what feels like an age to wait before they start TTCing but still find themselves on here every week?

Tell me I'm not alone. :\(


  • Hi Littlena

    I don't think your ridiculous at all!
    We are not going to start trying until september and i am counting down the days! i feel a bit guilty cos i feel like i shouldn't wish my life away and i should make the most of my lovely hubby while its just us 2 but i am very obsessed! everything that comes out of my mouth is baby related "when we get pregnant..." etc etc !

    as for when you should start trying i really couldn't tell you that. can you get advice from your doctor about when you want to statr and what you can do to increase your chances of falling pregnant?

    don't worry, your definitly not alone. at leats you have your wonderful wedding to distract you int he meantime. just keep dreaming of your wedding day and pretty dresses etc xxx
  • Hi, thanks for your reply. With the lack of responses I was beginning to think I was being ridiculous! image

    I know I should concentrate on getting married, but I'm so baby-focused at the moment it is bad!

    When did you get married??
  • Your definetely not being ridiculous at all!! I never used to want children until we accidently fell pregnant with out first and now after having her I realised I was born to be a mummy, and just want to start adding to our family!!

    I had a really tough labour but I'm so excited about going through it all again, now that must be ridiculous right?

    Have you got any names picked out? Are you a buyer of baby clothes or just a looker? Or is it just me that thinks about this stuff? lol

    I honestly don't know when would be the best for you to start trying, I think a little trip to the doctors for some advice is in need defintely!!

  • If you are then I am too!

    I am trying to stop talking about babies so much with my OH as I don't want to put him off the idea but the plan is to discuss it in September. We both want several and I'm 31 so we need to get a move on!!!!

    I just come on this site -but check out links to baby stuff. I am tempted to get a few magazines when they have good freebies but have so far resisted -think OH would freak.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

    Dolly x
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