Am I being unreasonable? (longer than I thought lol)

Hi Peeps.

As you know me and hubby are planning on TTC in the new year, this has been a long time coming as we wanted to make sure it was the best possible time for us so I could take off time from work for as long as possible.

So on saturday we were visiting my mum and she said 'guess what - you're going to be an aunty!!!' Some background, me and my brother do not get on AT ALL. He is a selfish git, still relies on my mum for money (he is 24) he stole from me and my mum when he was younger, was physically violent and all around nasty idiot (want to say stronger words, but will refrain lol) He is also in the army, has been with his girlfriend less than a year (and 6 months of that he was away in Iraq) they do not live together and he literally has no money behind him.

So my reply was 'idiot' now I KNOW that was mean but I honestly have no idea how the hell he is going to cope with it and can see my mum having to bail him & his girlfriend out which COMPLETELY selfishly has made it feel like he has stolen my thunder for all the special moments I wanted to have with my mum next year.

So now I'm not sure what to do - left my mums house in a bad way and not sure she will be talking to me because of my reaction. I don't want to be a hypocrite (sp?) and say congrats when I inevitbly see them both on xmas day - thank god we are at hubbys parents on xmas day - but I just feel like crying.

Advice gratefully received xx


  • I can totally see where you are coming from but unfortunately there isnt much you can do hunni.

    Hopefully having a baby to take care of will force him to grow up .
    You will still have all those special moments with your mum next year. Please don't let an argument over him have you and your mum falling out you will need her so much when you are pregnant.

    Unfortunatly the only advice I can give you is just to grin and bear it.
    Just think you will have a gorgeous wee niece or nephw soon and when you have your little one they will be quite close age wise so will always have someone to playwith image

    Sorry if that wasn't much help hunn.
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