thought i had better introduce myself after lurking for a while. im karen and hoping to start ttc this time next year. i have a 1 dd who is almost 14months. she was born at 32+ weeks after PPROM with no warning or reason or explanation, just 'one of those things'

i really need to wait until dd is in schoolby my edd (at least part time at 3) before i can even think of having another baby. that way i would be able to spend lots of time with the baby if it was to come early an dend up in SCBU. when dd was in i would go down by 9 come home for lunch then go back, dh would come straight from work and we would stay until 7/8. so obvisouly with a young baby i would not be able to do this again and would only be able to pop in when i could in the evenings.

sorry for the ramble



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