cerezette- confused, worried and unsure....

hi, i have been on cerezette since 0ct '08 and ever sincei have been on it i had a 'period' about every 2 months. however, i now havent had a period since before xmas- thats nearly 5 months. i am just so worried that this pill is f*****g up my body! i want to start trying for a baby at the end of the year just dont know whether to just come off the pill now or stick it out for a bit longer. just seems so un-natural to me. i had to go on this pill due to migraines and doc wouldn't hear of any argumnets just said that this is all she would give me.
any one else taken this pill? read so many scary things on net about it
Nic x


  • Hi Nic, i'm gatecrashing from TTC so please excuse me. I think you need to go back to the doctors but ask to see a different doc - hope everything goes well for you. xx
  • Hi,

    I had my DD in Dec 08 and got put on cerazette in Feb 09. I wanted to go back on the pill but they can only give you a mini pill whilst breastfeeding hence giving me cerazette.
    I was on this pill for about 8 months and in that time i only had 1 period. Was not sure whether that was to do with cerazette or breastfeeding. The thing is with cerazette lots of women dont even have periods!!!
    My DD stopped BF in Oct 09 so i went to the docs and asked to go back on my old combined pill Brevinor which i had been on for 12 yrs before my DD.
    Since going back on brevinor i have had a withdrawel bleed every month during my 7 day break as normal.
    Im now ttc #2 and do worry how these changes with pills etc will effect things.
    I came off my pill on 15th March, had my bleed on 17th and started ttc straight away. I def OV on 4th April so it looks like i my cycles may have returned quite quickly again like they did before.
    I fell with my DD on cycle 2 having been on the pill for 12 yrs solid.

    The pills can effect everyone differently. My friend came off cerazette in Aug 09 and is still yet to have an AF so is finding ttc very difficult.

    It really is your decision but i think i would be inclined to come off now and used other precautions just so you can give your body time to regulate.
    You might be fine and find that your cycles return to normal very quickly.
    Maybe have a chat with your doc about your concerns.

    Good luck.xx

  • Hi Mrsplanner, I was taking cerazette for just over 2 years and only ever had one period. Came off it on Christmas day as ttc in July/Aug and wanted my body to back to normal, got my first period 6 weeks after coming off and have been regular since. When I went for smear test the doc said it's very common not to have regular periods (if any) whilst on cerazette.
    I know some women (on here) have waited months for their periods to regulate after coming off cerazette so that's why I stopped in December.

  • Hi, I'm gcing from pregnancy. I have always used cerazette for migraines and its def the best! I didn't have any periods on it at all. The first time I came off to get pregnant with my little boy I was pregnant 7 weeks after coming off it and I didn't even get a period first! This time, I was off it 11 weeks when I got pregnant and again hadn't had a proper period yet (although I had a withdrawal bleed this time). Don't worry, I have gotten pregnant twice after cerazette, both within a short timescale. Hopefully you will be the same!
  • Mrsplanner - I can completely sympathise with you. I too suffer migraines (hemi plegic migraines). My migraines mimic a stroke. So I start off with not being able to see out of my right eye then my right arm goes completely numb then my right side of my face then my right side of tongue then those symptoms stop and i get the worst pain in the head and can only lie down in dark room. Last time i had an attack was July last year but was actually sick twice with the pain. I was investigated and they took me off my femodene pill and put me on the depo injection which I just had a constant period or brown discharge from the October to the March and had to be given tablets for a week to stop me as i was run down but those gave me really bad dicky tummy. Then when the neurologist eventually diagnosed me he said that i could go back on my femodene pill but drs said they would have to monitor it. I then was referred to gynaecologist due to my really painful periods and because she suffered same migraines as me took me off my pill (eh hello not the reason i came to see you) and put me on Cerezette. It was great at first stopped me all together but then again the same happened a constant period. I was demented and that led to me stopping my pill all together but was going through a dodgy marriage one without BD so didn't fall pregnant. I went back on femodene when i asked for divorce and got with my new partner but due to finish that on 29th April to TTC! Sorry long post but i know i would never use Cerezette or the depo injection ever again. I never felt so run down; hair was dull, spots and it got me so down in the dumps. I hope you get sorted xx



  • i was on it for about 6/7 yrs and never had a period.

    came off it as we were ttc and had are little miss and then 6 weeks after having belle i went back on it again x
    when i first went on it the doc told me it could stop my periods and i was fine with that as i suffer from endometreosis and can be in real pain x
  • It is just typical with me that i was told both times being put on depo and cerezette that for the majority it would stop periods all together but not for me i had to be opposite and have constant periods. Femodene pill is the only thing that has kept me sane. I suffer really bad periods too and just recently had an internal scan to put my mind at rest xx



  • thanks guys for all of your advice and stories- sorry have taken so long to reply but i was in france and then iwas one of those people stuck in france! never mind back safe and sound just a lot lighter in the cash department! (Shoegal 82 hope your holiday goes off without a hitch or volcano eruption!lol)
    i think i am going to book apt with doc (due for smear anyway) and have a chat. but i think im going to follow the majority of you and come off. if i fall preg before plan then that would be a little more difficult but lovely none the less. i think for my piece of mind i should be giving my body as long as possible to recover.
    thanks again for your help and support- i bloody love this site!!!!!!!
    good luck to planners and ttc-ers and thanks to the gatecrashers- your pearls of experienced wisdom always welcome!
    nic x
  • Mrsplanner - I hope it does too. The thought had crossed my mind though. I wouldn't mind being stuck in Gran Canaria but would be gutted if I couldn't actually get there in the first place like some people I know xx



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