Hi I am new and I am planning to TTC!

Hi girls!

I thought I'd introduce my self. My name is Maz and hubby and I have decided to start trying for a baby. I am so happy and excited but very nervous and anxious at the same time.

I have started my folic acid and I am trying to stick to a healthy diet. I've got some ovulation sticks too but what I wanted to ask is that my period comes every three weeks on the dot and it can last between 7-8 days. I just wanted to find out if anyone else has the same cycle length as me and when they usually ovulate?

Thanks so much

Maz x


  • Hi, im not even from this forum but didnt want to read and run. If you post this in the "trying to convieve" forum you will probably get a few more answers as there are gernally more people over there. you will probably get a few replies in here but just didnt want to leave you with no replies!
    welcome to BE, and good luck with TTC xx
  • hello and welcome to planning image

    i cant really advise on the cycles as mine are mega long and when TTC my son i oved anthing from CD 25 to 54!

    you usually ovulate 10-16 days before you period (although it can be more or less) i ovulate 12 days before AF, i would probably start using OV sticks as soon as your AF finishes

    good luck
  • Hi girls and thanks so much for the replies and advice.

    Wannababy, will pop over to TTC.

    Piggypops, thanks for the info. These AF's are driving me mad.

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