I'm new here! *waves hello*

Hi everyone.
After loitering broodily on this forum and the *you and your baby* section of *you and your wedding* website for ages I have finally joined!

I've been married for almost 2 years and hubby and I are going to try for a baby in September (we are waiting till them due to a holiday and coming off the pill etc!) I'm so excited, I've dreamt of this stage in my life for as long as I can remember and I wish the next 5 months would hurry up so it can be here!

I'm coming off the pill in June and then waiting till September for my cycle to adjust to normal. Apart from taking folic acid is there anything else I could or should be doing? would love to have some advice

I'm slightly nervous about how we will cope financially and how I will be as a Mummy and what will everyone say, I'll be 25 when we start trying, does this seem young? I'm worried people will tell me it's too young! (I worry about everything)

Would love to hear from everyone who is at the same stage as me or who has been before and share the journey together.

Much love, a very broody wife!


  • Hi Septemberdreams (waves hello back),

    I'm coming off my pill 29th April and i guess we are going TTC straight away. I am 28 year old and going through divorce. My partner and I were going to start trying after our holiday in June but have decided to go for it.

    I have ordered pregnacare tablets from vitabiotics as these have 400 mcg of folic acid and 18 other nutrients essential to the health of mother and baby. Pregnacare are for women who are planning a pregnancy, already pregnant or breast-feeding. You can get Wellman conception tablets to for your OH. We haven't got those....yet!

    I think everyone worries about coping financially and how they will be as a mummy. I am a natural born worrier and sometimes make myself poorly worrying i am that bad.

    We have decided that life is just too short and are so excited to become parents :\) xx


  • Hi Shoegirl
    thanks for your reply.
    congrats on your ttc date, isn't it the most exciting feeling ever?!

    thanks for the advice, I will into the prehnacre tablets and also the wellman tabelts, never even heard fo them!!

    its so hard, i literally ca't focus on anything other than babyes and i keep wishing it was septmber already. i keep worrying soemthing will happen in the meantime that will mean we cant go through with our plans, like one of us will lose a job or i keep worrying about our parents, will they still be young enought o help by then? its crazy isn't it!

    congrats again, good luck with your baby making xxxxxxxxxx
  • I didn't want to read and run ha. I am so excited and we both can't think of anything else at the moment.

    I worry the same but that Dad won't meet my first child as he is not getting any younger as he has a few health problems. I am 28 and my brother is coming up to 25 and had his first last October, Evie Louise. She is gorgeous and it makes me even more broody!

    The website i got my tablets off was this one.


    Good luck with your baby making too xx


  • Hi Septemberdreams, nice to meet you! We are going to start ttc in May/June but I'm not going to come off the pill until May. I have been taking folic acid since February so as soon as I have been taking it for 3 months, the ttc will commence!!

  • Hi Mrs G

    nice to hear from you!
    so can you take folic acid while your still on the pill? and it seems that having a few months break after coming off the pill before ttc isn't really necessary?

    i have so much to learn!
  • G/C from Born in feb ... I was a month from 24 when i had my baby in feb, so dont worry about your age hun ... financial worries will always be there but you manage coz you have to. Ive been with the OH 5 years and we were over the moon when i found out i was pregnant ... good luck to ya and everyone else ttc xxx
  • Yes you can take folic acid while you're still on the Pill. I went to see the nurse at my doctors surgery to ask that specifically and she said it's fine, it's just a vitamin. Some people think that you go through a more fertile time as soon as you come off the Pill so that's what me and hubby are hoping to take advantage of, but others have a break to let their cycles settle down before ttc.

  • Welcome September Dreams!! lovely to have you here. x
  • I was also going to say that you might want to put off coming off the pill as lots of doctors say that when you come off the pill, that is your most fertile time.
  • welcome september dreams xx
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