Pre-pregnancy check up

Hi Ladies

Just wondering if any of you have had/been offered a pre-pregnancy check up at your GP surgery? I went to speak to the Nurse today about my cycle as it's been a bit long since coming off the pill last spring, and she booked me in with the doctor next week for a check up and an internal examination.

I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, just wanted to see if anyone else had had a similiar appointment?



  • Gosh no... My doctor appears to be of the opinion I shouldn't bother them from the time I had my coil taken out until I'm pregnant.

    Admittedly though, my GP seems crap.
  • I believe its down to the doctor or the area, I know several ladies who have been offered this, and plenty who havent. I think you can request one, they cant really decline to make sure your healthy, it is their job after all!!! HTH xx
  • Thanks for the replies, I'm quite glad they've offered it to me because at least then it will stop be worrying unnecesserily! x
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