hello ladies,

guess what????? after 2 depressing years of trying for a baby, i just took a test and it came up with 2 blue im pregnant partner is ova da moon....thanks to clomiphene.

Im presuming im about 6 weeks, what do i need to do now? Would i need to tell my GP asap, when do i start taking folic acid and what kind of food do i eat and what shall i avoid.

im feeling very sick at the moment, im at work and i just wana throw up.




  • awwwwwwwwwww congrats huni, u should hve really been tkin folic acid y trying so get some down ya neck now lol and go gp asap then midwife will contact u about 8wks then have ya 1st scan at 12wks hehe

    good luck xxx
  • oooh congrats x
  • i visited my gp yesterday he prescribed me with pregaday and to take my iron tablets twice a day. im iron is a bit low
  • Congratulations!!! Guessing the pregaday may contain folic acid??? Great news! xx
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