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I'm on my second cycle off the pill, first one lasted 28 days and now im on day 28 again (2300 at night) no AF yet.

We are getting married in july and decided if it happens, it happens, but we won't properly ttc until wedding.

We have only BD'd twice this month, at completely the wrong times, and he withdrew at the crucial time both times! So there's next to no chance of pregnancy!

I am still feel excited that period has not come though, which is ridiculous. I will be a wreck when ttc for real when there might acrually be a chance! I'm sure i'm not going to be straight down the line regular after 12 years on the pill, so am trying to banish thoughts about pregnancy tests (!)

Also, despite us getting married, a lot of my family have been dropping huge hints that we can't possibly be ready for a family as we have only just bought our house and need to extend it. We plan to do this, but im well aware it takes the best part of a year to have a baby in your arms, if you're lucky! Im sue we can get the bulk of it done and watertight.

Feel a bit sad as think they will be shocked and disapproving. We'll have our own home, be married, be 30 and 33 - we aren't teenagers with nothing. Haven't told anyone we have plans for a family and know this is a bit unfair of me as will be a huge shock for them all, but not interested in them persuading me out of it.

H2b's mum on the other hand knows and is delighted! At least someone will be! :\? x


  • well if it makes you feel any better i was 22 when i had my first and we fell pregnant in the oct and had only been in our house for 6 months when we found out as it was not planned.
    we got married 3 years later and have been married a year in august and now feel ready for another!!
    im coming of my pill beginning of july and will start to try then but reading all the posts about irregular peiods is making me worry!!! xx
  • Are you sure it isn't that they're just a bit surprised rather than dissapproving because they thought you would do the house first, not that you have to? I'm sure no matter what they'll be thrilled for you when you do tell them though, even if its not what they're expecting!

    As for AFs, I don't think the months have ever felt so long waiting to see if and when they arrive!

    Oh, and you're getting married next month!!! How exciting?!! xxx
  • Yes, am beyond excitement about the wedding! I feel so happy about it, am getting my teeth into the last minute bits (all the good stuff, making the big decisions, seeing the dress again)...I took a pregnancy test today (like an idot) next to no chance of pregnancy but day 32 and couldnt wait anymore. It was, as i knew, negative and as happy as i would have been, the excitement might have been a bit too much!

    I know you're right about the family - they will be supportive and happy for us when they've had a chance to take it in. But there will be some disapproval too.

    ellie's mummy - exciting news about trying for your second. Everything has a habit of working out doesn't it, not everything great that happens to you in life is planned. x
  • i definately agree i think they will deffo be thrilled when it happens!! and if they dont when the baby arrives they will feel silly as who couldnt love a little bundle of joy like that!!!! do what makes you feel happy iv given up trying to please other people and we are just going to concentrate on what we want that at this particular moment is another baby so im really not bothered about what others think!! think positive!!
    congratulations on the wedding, i got married last august 1st so what a great time to try on our anniversary!!! xxxx
  • your family will not be shocked or diaaaproving they will be over the moon when you ae pregnant!!!
    at the end of the day its no ones business as long as you and dh are happy thats all the matters!

    dont worry about being on the pill for so long i was on it for over 10 years and i was pregnant after 3 months xxxx
  • I understand about parents being disapproving my parents will always have something to moan about -don't think they'd be happy if they didn't! They were happy when we got married but didn't stop them moaning about how we were going to afford it.

    Oh well. I know they'll be happy when we have a little one I'll just have to put up with them not being as pleased as I'd like when I tell them.

  • Hi, got my AF yesterday day 36 so not going to be mrs regular after all! I think maybe the 28 day cycle i had first could have been the pill still in my system, as that has never happened before. This is a lot heavier and a lot more painful too - another reason to get pg asap! Don't want lots more of these!

    Thanks for the messages about disapproving families. I sympathise with you dollymixture, it will be awful when people are not as pleased as you are - but more exciting to be pregnant. I know they'll have time to think about it and will start to feel excited about being grandparents - but also concerend for me (as if i'm still a little girl image I actally think h2b will get the house done quickly because of it, it would make him get his arse in gear! What better incentive than making a lovely nest for our baby?

    I have a cbfm to start using after the wedding, i do feel a bit sneaky going this extra step to make it happen, but then we're two adults who will be responsible parents so its no one elses business. I suppose i know it will affect wider family, but i hope only to the extent they want it to, the baby will be our responsibility. I feel ready for it.

    Going to start using cbfm on first day of next period, if it takes 36 days again should be over just before wedding (fingers crossed no period on my wedding day or honeymoon!) Then hopefully can bd at the right time and maybe even get a honeymoon baby - sounds really romantic! In reality may take a while, i realise that, but have heard so many good things about cbfm on here have got excited image xx
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