husband on tv :)

yay he's on real rescues this morning at 9:15 bbc1!!!!
arghhhhhhhhhhh i'm so nervous for him!!!
and proud image


  • Darnit... only just saw this thread.

    Tell me what happened! I'm curious now :O)
  • he's a PCSO in Southampton and he was first on the scene to a heart attack outside Sainsburys. He gave the man CPR for over an hour till the ambulance people arrived and they all got his heart going again image

    I am so proud, he looked so happy on the programme. He's so gracious and kind, am luckiest girl in the world!

    P.S and he got me a signed photo of nick knowles (bonus!!)
  • Oh i'm just sat watching that as hubby taped it this morning. It must have been really scary for him to be there but he did a really good job. No wonder you're proud!

    P.S Nick Knowles is lovely! x
  • image cheers, he said it was the scariest thing he's ever done (i thought marrying me was lol) but he did a grand job, I maintain that it was fate that he got the job and was there at the right time. I think I got hundreds of people watching it this morning...

  • image awww that's so cool! You must be so proud of him! Jealous you have Nick Knowles autograph! X
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