Help Please!!!

Hi Ladies

I was wondering if any of you would be able to put my mind at rest. Here is the story.

We decided to try for baby number 2 so I stopped taking the pill. My period came on 16/4/2010 and lasted about 4 days. Since then I have not had a period and have been doing various brands of pregnancy tests which are all BFN.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced a similar sort of thing or when I should start being concerned that I have not had a period, as before falling pregnant with my daughter my periods were regular every month right from stopping the pill.

Many thanks



  • I don't know how much help I'll be but I didn't want to R+R. I can't speak from experience but a lot of people on here have had to wait a while for their periods to return to normal even if they have previously stopped the pill. Sorry I couldn't be more help xx
  • Hey, we are in the same situation as you,
    I came off the pill feb so I could have a few normal cycles before ttc. My cycle can be anywhere between 30-40 days inbetween af's since coming off the pill and ive heard this from a lot of other people too. I'm hoping it will become a bit more regular before we start ttc july/aug but who knows...
    You would be day 36 today?
    The same thing happened to me before ds and my cycles then were like 40-50 days and we got pregnant easy so everything was fine its just harder to predict when to do the deed :P
    Then they kept changing my due dates all through my pregnancy but other than that it didnt cause any problems.
  • That's really reassuring to know that it can take a while it just concerned me that when I had my DD my real AF came quite quickly and I conceived 3 months after stopping the pill. I just assumed the cycle
    side of things would be the same this time round.

    I do hope my real AF will come soon so that I will have a better idea of how things are going and the best times to "get on it". good luck with yours keep us updated with your progress
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