So Confused!!!

Argh I just wish i could empty my head and start again!

Ok, so I posted on here a few weeks ago about wanting a serious conversation with hubby about TTC - we had it and agreed that we would wait till March 2011 just after our 2 year anniversary and then see where we are financially.

He wants to go to Florida again before we have kids so thast will need about 2k and I've worked out that to financially survive maternity leave we would need at least 3k in the bank for 6 months off. So we agreed that he would save for the holiday and I would save for baby, then in March we would see what we have and go from there, the reult hopefully being booking Florida for say September with TTC when we get back.

Anywho - since that conversation he has conviniently forgotten about agreeing to the TTC part and is insisting that I never said this and all I said was that we would talk about money.

My parents came this weekend and wehn hubby was out of the room, my mum was showing me pics of my family with my best mates baby and making comments like 'grandpa in training' and stuff. Then when he comes in the room she's on about waiting because we're still young and trying to pass my broodiness off as a natural woman phase etc etc - totally not helping with getting hubby to take me seriously.

I'm just feeling totally confused now - guess I'll just have to wait till March and re-raise it all then as 'agreed'. :\?


  • i am not surprised you are confused!

    men can be very funny creatures, you might find when he acctually thought about it he was quite scared and is saying he didnt agree so he doesnt have to admit how he feels?
  • i agree too, blimey, even i got confused lol. it ashame its got to that stage. it up to you, but you could either wait till march, or just talk to him. and say, you dont mind waiting till march if hes happier with that and just ask him how he feels about it all. i sometimes dont know how to ask my hubby, but i've learnt that when i do ask him hes quite understanding,i tend to ask him when hes relaxed, men hate stressful conversations lol

    hope my message is some help for you and i wish you both the best of luck when u ttc xxxx
  • Thank you both - glad to hear I'm not just losing it!

    I think if he turned round right niw and said lets start trying I would say no - we need the money in the bank first and to be fair, March is possibly a long shot still.

    I just want him to acknowledge that I am ready to think very seriously about trying rather than treating it as a fleeting fancy.

    I know we probably wont start TTC next year as the money just wont be there and I wouldn't want to start trying unless it is. However, I feel like its 'his' things that have to take priority and I get left wondering what on earth is going on - one minute we're playing the baby name game and he seems to be taking the planning idea seriously, then he casually forgets and says he's not ready, wants to do the holiday first etc etc etc.

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