OMG - Excited

So last night was joking around with hubby saying I was just going to stop taking the pill last night and not tell him, and then he turned around and said well why don't you stop next week? image He then went on to say, it won't be the end of the world if you fell pregnant early would it?! image image image image

So EXCITED!!! Gonna go visit the nurse next week and sort out rubella jab as she did tell me I needed it last time I went to get my pill and then gonna start on the folic acid (or should I wait till first official visit from AF after coming off the pill)

Honestly can't tell you how excited I am!


  • Wow, brilliant! I'd start the folic acid now, I'm taking it already and not planning to TTC until March.

    Good luck!

    Hannah xx
  • Thanks ladies - I'll grab some at the weekend. Any recommendations on good places to get them?
  • That is really exciting MrsClayton!! image
    Yeh def start taking the folic acid the now I am going out at the weekend to get mine! Lat time round we just bought it form Tesco and when we fell pregnant the doctor prescribed it for us. So maybe say to the doc when you get your injection?

    good luck ttc
  • Hooray!! That is great news, im so happy!!

  • How exciting!!

    Looks like there will be a few of us starting very soon! We will be moving on mass to the TTC area.

    There is loads of evidence to suggest that you can't start taking folic acid early enough, the earlier the better it seems.

    image x
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