newcomers please add xxxx

image just so we can all get to know each other better as were all planning to start trying for a baby. and we can support and give advice xx

if u have a new question u want to ask just copy and paste and put in ur question.

names - claudia and dave

ages - 24 and 26

were u live - north-west britain - oldham

pets - 2 cats

when gonna start tryng -june/july/august

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  • Good idea!

    Names - Mrs G and Mr G

    Ages - 26 and 30

    Where you live - Northamptonshire

    Pets - 2 house rabbits and a hamster

    When starting ttc - May/June

  • hello nice to meet u mrs g

  • Names - Michelle and Paul

    Ages - 27 and 33

    Where you live - Lancashire- Wigan

    Pets - None!

    When starting ttc - April/May
  • Nice to meet you too trying4no1, and lydia'smummy! x
  • nice to meet u to huni, looks like were all trying around the same months xx
  • Nice to meet you both. Hopefully we ll get bfp around the same time x x
  • Names - Leanne and Nathan

    Ages - 25 (26 in 2 weeks!) and 25

    Where you live - Somerset

    Pets - None

    When gonna start trying - Was going to be August but we had a looong chat on Friday night and have decided to start next cycle, so early April! Yaaay!

    Nice to meet some other girls going through this as I don't really want to tell anyone we're trying. Hey Lydia'smummy, you've moved from August to April too! Great minds :\)

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  • Yeah we decided after a long discussion sooner was better than later for a number of reasons really so started on my folic acid this week and waiting for first af to arrive (come off the pill) so I know exactly where I am. Just realised I aged hubby by a year on my previous post too he's only 32!! Ooops!!! A few of us in the north west too I notice. Xx
  • Yep I'm on the folic acid and zinc for hubby. Good luck, hope your cycle gets back to normal and you get your BFP soon. Lol @ aging hubby! Ooops! x

    Any south west-ers on here? x
  • I know I'm such a dunce! It means hopefully we ll have a pretty small age gap between one and two but that's what we want x x
  • If it's what you want then I always say go for it. How old is Lydia? (I love that name by the way, gorgeous) Most people I know seem to have a small gap. I'm pretty sure once I have one I won't want to wait years for another. x
  • She's 1 next week! X
  • Aww fab! Are you going to have a little party? My best friend's little girl is 18 months now, it's such an amazing stage. They develop a great little personality. x
  • Yeah we are having close family round a week today and probably take her out for the day. She's such a little miss independant at the min. X
  • same here i would ideally want there to be a year or a year and a half between ages in my children, sayin that i have to have no1 first lol, well as u know i have folic acid in my multivits but am gonna start takin more folic acid now, i can wait til we all start tryin officially lol x
  • mrshobbes just notice u live in oldham? so do i lol x
  • Ooops my bad - I forgot to change that bit!! Hahaha dozy moo. I'm in Somerset! x
  • Ha ha I thought that too. X
  • lol mrs hobbes xx

    thanks susiee, i thought this way since were all tryin round the sames moths we can support and get to know each other, so if there any questions we wanna ask we can just add it onto the end xx
  • names - Jess & Jason (& Josh 16 mths)

    ages - 23 & 40

    were u live - london but moving to chelmsford,essex in a few weeks!

    pets - none altho i think a toddler almost counts as one!!

    when gonna start tryng - july/august

    so excited but also really scared as i know what im getting myself in for 2nd time around!

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