pregnancy tests how accurecy are you?

hi im ne on here and would like some advice, we have been trying for our 2nd baby for over 2 years with no succses but over the last few weeks i have been feeling really ill dizzy, overly tired and heartburn galore so i did a test 8 days earlier than my period was due this test came back with a very faint line so we decided to buy another test and the same happend a very faint line so 6 days early than my period is due tdy we have done a clearblue digital test wich read NOT PREGNANT how accurate are they oplease help ?! thanx


  • Hi there, the CBD aren't very sensitive, most ladies don't get a reading on these until they are late for there period. I would wait until at least the day of your period.

    You should have a look in ttc or pregnancy, you can find out so much in there.


    V xx
  • ok thanx ill have a look now its just so confusing ye x
  • the chances are its too early the digi tests are designed to use from your missed period, as with all the clearblue tests you very rarely get a + before AF is due, the best ones to use before AF is due are first response or superdrugs own, they giev quite good lines early on

    good luck x
  • i sued predictor tests first thats what the faint line came up on both of them i thought cos the cb was more expensive maybe theyd wrk better its really knocked me this time as after nealry 3 years trying n seeing that faint line was like OMG xx
  • well ive started coming on my period so i guess u cn get false positivesx
  • Hi,

    I'm sorry your period has started. If it is still only spotting perhaps it is not an af but impantation?
    If not I hope you can get lucky next month.

    Have you sought any help/advice from your gp on ttc?
  • ye im on the waiting list wich is nearly 2 years! gutted i did another test cos it was spotting and that was negative to! x
  • well i still get the feeling sick n bad heartburn and ive not come on my period properly yet but i am having spotings as if im going to come on what does this mean? x
  • Hiya,
    You can still be pg and have a breakthrough bleed where your body tries to have a period but its not a real period as you are pg. Some women even bleed the whole way through so I have read.
    I know also some women don't get a BFP until a week after AF is due so you may want to give it one final go next week if the period is still light?

    You know your body best x
  • its hard to know what to do ye its just a knock down everytime i do a test but if i dont do one im always thinging about it! im not due on properly till tue so might wait till then thanx hun x
  • well ive come on my period properly now so i guess the tests were wrong! once again a knock down!!!!image
  • so sorry to hear your news ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))
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