Lurking with over 2yrs before TTC

Just wondering if anyone else was lurking on here but wasn't planning to start TTC for 2 years or so? I'm getting married at the end of the year and h2b says we need to save and plan for future so will TTC in 2012/13 - we'll be early 31/32 by then. Logically it makes sense as we are both busy with our work, live far from family and need to get the savings up!

However, I cna't stop reading the baby section on here - I am obsessed. So much so that it is taking over work and I am behind on things because I spend time reading baby info rather than working!! I have never been a maternal person and I don't really have any babies around me - actually I am rather useles with them!! I've been feeling this way for a good few months though - h2b knows (boy does he know I talk about our future TTC all the time!!)

Anyone got any tips on how I can get through this time? Also I do panic that we are leaving it too late and wont be able to concieve when we get around to trying :cry:


  • Hiya,

    I'm not in your boat now but was a couple of years ago! Hubbie and I are planning to start TTC very soon but I've actually been lurking on this site for a couple of years already! God, that sounds so sad but like you, I became obsessed with reading all the baby info. I also never used to be particularly maternal but about 3-4 years ago my hormones literally went into overdrive and boy I found my biological clock!

    Although fairly obsessed with this site my addiction was kept in check up until a few months ago by my need to study. Since I've finished my teacher training I've had a lot more free time and that's been a BAD thing so I'd say keep yourself busy! Apart from planning your wedding, maybe start a course, hobby or going to the gym - anything to give you something else to focus on! It is hard though and you have my upmost sympathies. Oh, and try not to worry about your age. 31/32 is still quite young and even if you do have problems you'll have plenty of time to go the assisted conception route. I'm nearly 30 so not too panicked about myself but my husband is 10 years older so we should get a move on otherwise he's gonna be quite an old dad.

    Anyway, hope this helps a little. Take care.
  • That was a really helpful post actually - made me feel a little more normal! I feel I bit odd lurking when I am not even at the planning to TTC stage!!!

    I guess you are right - finding something to fill mytime would be positive (gym mind be an idea!) and I should stop coming on here so much and focus on work - hard though! Also that is positive about the 31/32 age think - I do drive myself crazy thinking we'll be leaving it too late but like you noted there is loads of time for assistance if it comes to it.

    Thanks for replying. Good luck with TTC x

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  • Hi broody2soon

    I'm in the same boat as you. I'm studying at the moment so we wont be TTC until the end of 2012. I finish studying the middle of 2012 and we've decided to start trying after that.
    I feel like babies are everywhere and have been VERY broody for the last few years, to the extent it feels like there's a hole in my tummy (hard to explain). We will be 29/30 by the time we start trying and I too worry we're leaving it too late. I know this is ridiculous but still worry.

    This summer has seen my broodiness get worse as I have a lot of free time on my hands with being on holiday from uni. I keep wishing the summer away as I know that I'll be very busy when I get back. It doesn't help that my little brother's girlfriend is having a baby in Nov and most of my friends have kids or are having kids. Everywhere I look, babies are being born and I want one!

    Just wanted to let you know you're not alone. x
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