Ok...here goes :\)

Hi Ladies-Hope your all well!

Its been a while since I have used this forum! But im glad to finally be back!
A bit about me (for anyone thats interested-lol!)
Came off the pill Jan '09, joined the ttc forum straight away (obviously!) got a much wanted BFP May '09 (after pretty much no natural periods)-but sadly had a MC at 5 weeks. I had even more major problems with non-existant periods after that so went to the doc and my lovely gynecologist performed a Laparoscopy in Jan '10. The results found I had mild Endo-so went back on the pill to prevent it getting worse. Phew! So I made a bit of a life plan, I got a new job, and me and my lovely OH get married Dec '10. I rarely ovulate naturally so my gyn has reassured me that when we are ready to TTC again I will be offered Clomid...which is great.
So, for anyway still reading :\) ive been on a huge journey, but im happy to be back to the planning stage-we shall be TTC (with a little help!) in Jan '11!
What a journey ey?! Feel free to ask any questions if I can help!
But im very happy to be here, and I hope you'll have me in your lovely forum.


  • Congratulations on your future wedding, I loved planning mine. Good luck with ttc xxx
  • Thanks ladies for your replies! I am very excited about our wedding!
    We'll speak soon im sure!

  • Hello! Welcome to planning! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding - I wish I could have mine again - it was the best day ever! We are hoping to start trying December/January so I may see you in TTC as well! This will be our first, so have no idea if things will go to plan for us yet... hope everything works out for you this time! xxx
  • hello

    how exciting that you have a wedding to plan! congratualtions!! ours seem so long ago!

    we will be trying for no2 probably dec, good luck and fingers crossed for a sticky one x

  • Hello Piggypops!
    Thankyou and Good luck for December!

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