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baby and pregnancy mag

does any one buy the mag even though not even trying yet? so tempted to subscribe but i dont know if i am being a little bit silly when not even planning to try til end of this year. mind you thats only 9 months xxx


  • i myself have been buyin them for about 2 years, i keep all the freebies in a lol box lol, but i was gettin more and more sad as i wasnt trying, so now i just but the ones that look good, but in may/june ill be getting them every month, they are a very good source of information so wen u r trying ur fully prepared x
  • hey girls thank you for your posts- i took the plunge and bought april's copy of prima baby and preg. I read it cover to cover and feel even more full of knowledge and now also have a portable baby changing mat lolololol
    I dont think i'll purchase one ever month but as you said, knowledge is power and by this time next year i want to know as much as i can!
    good luck with your baby making/planning/looking after, which ever stages you are at
  • I may just have to purchase April's copy myself...could do with lots of information on the subject being very new to it all xx
  • go for it! i felt was all really useful even tho i am not yet trying myself. the week by week guide to what i shappening to your baby when you are preg is amazing!!! also do you watch one born every minute?!?!? am addicted lolollol although the episode about prem babies made me cry
    Nic xxx
  • I may have to purchase one tonight when i go food shopping. What channel is that programme on may have to start watching it? I cry at everything so would probably ball my eyes out ha Claire xx
  • going to read my copy for the second time with a cuppa...... yes i am that sad!
    one born every minute is on channel 4 9pm on a tuesday- is great as you get to see all different sorts of births. my hubby sits there with his eyes popping out of his head!lolololol
    so when you thinking of ttc?
    nic xxx
  • Well I popped to Asda last night after work and bought my first two baby / pregnancy magasines. I purchased Prima Baby and Pregnancy and Pregnancy and Birth (got a free baby names book). I flicked through them last night but plan to sit and read them cover to cover when I get a minute. My OH picked up the baby names book and we started discussing names which is probably very early but exciting!

    I will have to remember to watch that programme; sounds like my OH will be the exactly the same ha!

    I am going to finish my pill on 29th April (im currently on femidene, not sure of spelling) and we are going to start TTC straight away! How about you? :\) xx
  • well enjoy you're mags!!! we think about names all the time, its a tuffy as i am a teacher so there are lots of names that i associate with...lets say challenging children lol.
    plan to come off pill in summer and then ttc at end of year- fingers crossed!
    thinking of picking up a few more mags- cant hurt to read up or collect the frees stuff!
    nic x
  • Yes i can see the point you are making with names ha; i can well imagine! Well we have made a date to watch that programme on Tuesday image
    I will be definitely buying more mags; thinking about getting a subscription to one.
    Claire xx
  • ooooo.... now see i am unsure as what to do. beacuse im talking bout another 8/9months or so before ttc (i am on cerezette (spelling????) and they recommend you come off six months before so thats why i am coing off in june) but desperatly want more infor so thinking to subscribe. but not sure if it is too soon. also, if you subscribe to prima b and p you get a free bottle steriliser- is that just too over prepared?!?! lololol
    which one you thinking of subscribing to? you're a bit closer to ttc than me so go for it.
    Nic x
  • I would probably prescribe to Prima one. Haven't decided yet. I had a nightmare with Cerezette a few years ago which prompted me to come off my pill all together the first time. I was the same on the depo injection too - some people stop all together well i discharged or was on constantly! You can never be too prepared though...
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