Well, I've just made an appointment to have my implanon taken out! We're still hoping to actually properly start ttc in November, but I've had implanon for nearly 6 years now (two different implants) and I really want to give my body a chance to get back to normal before pregnancy (I haven't had a period for 4 years!! image ) I also want to lose some weight before getting pregnant and I think that that will be easier without the implant - I've put on loads of weight since it's been in!

Appointment is on Monday and I'm a little bit nervous but also very excited that we're taking actual steps towards babies! Someone please reassure me that it won't hurt too much though??!! image



  • Good luck chick, hope everything goes to plan for you!
  • Thank you! Will update after Monday to let you all know what it was like - ok maybe not that interesting but might be useful for other people thinking of doing it!

    B x

    PS Still so excited!
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