Does anyone live far away from relatives?

Hi all!!

Just a bit of noseyness/worry really.

I live really far away from all of my relatives and although geographically we're close to OHs family we're not all that close (more like its not that kind of family)

Are you all planning on leaning on your families alot? Is that your childcare and support for when you are tired?

Im just a bit worried we're being silly by wanting to have a family with little to no support network..but then again things aren't going to change so we'd never have kids if that was the plan.

Thanks ladies
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  • Hi my parents live in oz.i live in norfolk an now entittled to free nursery from goverment for 15 hours an daughter is 1 so nice break when he goes but the i miss him.
  • Thank you. Do you get to visit your parents alot? That must be nice to have some time to get stuff done, and its extra great that its free!
  • We won't have anyone to help. We do not talk to oh parents and my Mum died. My Dad lives 100 plus miles away and we do not see him much anyway. No brothers or sisters either side and to top it all my oh works away Mon to Fri. So if we are lucky enough to get a bfp it will just be me. Help! But what can I do, the situation will not change

    Sorry this probably doesn't help you but shows others are in the same boat

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  • hi , we have little to no help with ds, OH is belgian so all his family over there (where i spent the first 28weeks of my pregnancy) and altho we do only live about 15miles from my mum and my sister is about the same distance we don't actually get any help as such, no offers to babysit, no help when he was first little. wheh we moved back last november my sister was so excited, she wld be round every day blah blah, but haven't seen her for 3 months and they only time we speak is when i phone her. and my bro lives in jersey which is a plane ride from where i live in kent, so don't see him much either. tbh tho i kinda prefer it, as when we do see them (my mum in partcluar) i'm under a barrage of criticism and snidy comments how she wld do it, am i sure its ok to do that, oooh it worries me when u do that (playing with him on the sofa, u know like when u pretend to drop them kinda thing, ds loves it) nothing i do is good enough in her eyes so i prefer her to be kept out of it, as when she does show an interest she just leaves me feeling like i do everything wrong and that she's a better mum than i will ever be (or so she thinks). anyhoo rant over, i know this doesn't help but sometimes its better to not have family too close to interfere. hth xx
  • hi be eat up most of my last post.the goverment funding is for children over three my son is 3 nearly 4.i seen my parents twice since they moved nearly three years ago well dad once mum twice as she came on her own the first time.she came over to see the neice when she was born then in feb when i got married an to see my nephew an my daughter for the first brother an sister live 30 mins away an dont see them much an hb dad died.we see his mum a few times a month maybe an my other sister lives in i am basically on my own most of the time.
  • Im so sorry some peoples situations aren't great-but now you've got me thinking if you never knew loads of help then its not like you miss it? (if you see where im coming from-i dont want it to sound mean)

    I was just a bit worried incase it was selfish of me, or if it was really stupid, but you really have given me hope.

    My friend and her Mum dont get on-and when Gran does see the babies she always says things like Oh i wouldnt discipline them like that, so i guess its best if im not around that all the time!!!

    x x x
  • Hi,

    My mum lives over 100 miles away and my brother (not much help anyway) lives about the same in a different direction. My OH's parents live closeby, both works though and they also have their first grandchild due early next year so think they'll be focused on that one (maybe for the best).

    I do have some great friends that I can rely on though
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