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Kinda O/T - I have had the best day today!!!

Just thought I would share with you the day me and my husband have had!!!!

We have been trying to sell our house for just over a year now and today we accepted an offer our house. My husband has been so adament that we would not be starting a family in this house and that we needed to sell it first before we could start even trying!!! Well that finally happened today!!! AND, we put an offer on a house and it has been accepted (ALL IN ONE DAY!). And the bonus is the new house has 3 bedrooms!!!

I have been so stressed out this week, which is one of the reasons I haven't been on here, we have been concentrating on the house!!!!

I am the happiest girl in the world today, I am on cloud nine!!! We have found a lovely family home, and it aleady has a nursery!!!!!!!

My hubby is excited about the garage (aka his own pub and snooker hall complete with disco ball!) :lol: Think he is getting a bit carried away!!!! But I don't care he is happy and so am I!!

So ladies, I took my final pill last Tuesday and there will be no more for me!!!!!! I am going to be official TTC once AF disappears!!!!! image


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