Swine flu


Is anyone worried about swine flu and pregnancy? And do you think its wise to have the vacine if you are pregnant?


  • my 5 month pregnant friend has been told she can have it but she thinks that because she is very healthy and young (21) she isnt in the danger zone and can fight it off if she gets it. Which she reckons she already has.... shes doing ok without it.

    If it was me... I wouldnt get it, I just have a feeling its been rushed and women who have had it while pregnant the side effects may not be known, I dont know, I'd be too scared!
    Just me!

  • Me 2 but i wud also be scared about what would happen if i caught it, i mean, like ur friend said it is probs likely most young and fit mums to be wud fight it off no probs anyway i suppose?!
  • Hopefully thats the plan, so far she is still fine! I'd be concerned if I had a chest issue as well.... if i had other conditions such as asthma then it might be different!

  • Hi,

    My friend is pregnant and she is having the jab after doing loads of research.

    She has spoken to a few doctor friends who have told her that the media has really hyped up and issues with the vaccine and the the implications of not having it could be far worse.

    Just wanted to pass it on as she is definatly not someone who would take any risks!

    Mrs C image
  • Hi

    I'm an asthmatic as well and am booked in to have it next week. I agree with Wanna Bump, for me the side effects seemed far less of an issue then what might happen if I caught swine flu.
    Even though I'm not pregnant we planning to start TTC very soon. My question is do you think it's ok to TTC before having the jab or should I wait until next week to have it?

    If I wait, once I've had the jab how long should I wait before starting TTC?
  • Hi, I had the jab last month and am TTC this month. The nurse didn't say anything about how long I would have to wait, she just said it would a problem if I already was pregnant.

    BTW - just a word of warning, I was sooo ill the day after having it, it was literally like having the flu for 24 hours, so if you can have the jab on a friday so you can hide in bed on the Saturday because trust me, it's really bad.
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