A new getting to know each other post...

Hi Ladies,

There are so many new ladies on here I thought we could do another post getting to know each other!

I'll start...

I am Charlie Chalk- my nickname is actually my daughters nickname because her name is Charlie (Charlotte) my name in the real world is Joy. I am 28 and married I have 2 children- my son is almost 4 and my dd is 2. We only got married in May this year as we like to do things the wrong way round! I recently lost my job but I did work for a telecommunications/media company. I am looking for a part time job at the moment but not too worried if I don't find one as not going to go back to work properly for a few more years. We have had a loooong road planning number 3- its been about a year since we first decided we would like another child one day...then in the summer my broody took over and we TTC and got a BFP straight away- sadly it was a chemical pregnancy. We decided to have a TTC break after that because of me losing my job and we just wanted to get everything settled before trying again. We haven't been preventing for the last month or two but no luck as yet. We will be officially TTC from after my af which is due in about a week and a half and I am hoping the new year will bring refreshed PMA. I feel really excited now as it kind of feels 'right'. We had so much to consider, financially and what would be best for our kids etc. Now it all seems to be slotting into place. I am probably a bit of a fraud posting on here because we are TTC but I'm greedy!
I love fashion, sex and the city, chinese, red wine, trashy tv and reading.

So, that's me!

Your turn!



  • Oooh love these!

    Hi everyone, my name's Vicky, I'm 27 (turn 28 in Feb) been married to my hubby for just about 2 years, and yes I'm a previous YAYW addict lol.

    We took a loan out for our wedding and that is due to finish in April/May time and it has always been the plan to start TTC around then, however broodiness has taken over and I actually take my last pill on Monday!

    Will wait for first official AF and then will chart for a couple of months as we would like to try the shettles method for a boy http://www.babyhopes.com/articles/how-to-conceive-a-boy.html Obviously we don't mind which flavour it is as long as it's healthy, but ideally we would like a boy first so he can be the older brother. Plus everyone in our family has girls, so it will be nice to have the first grandson!

    And on a side note - it is actually really interesting even if you're not bothered about having a boy or a girl. It also has a section on the fact that some people might find it more difficult to conceive if their CM is very acidic as it is not helpful for the little swimmers!

    We have a 2 year old lab and also 3 cats. Ruby our dog is a really good dog so I'm not worried about how she will be when the baby arrives, and our 2 youngest cats will probably be fine. Our older cat however could be a problem, but we'll just have to wait and see what he is like when the baby arrives.

    So I ordered my basal body thermometer (sp) today and I already have the shettles book, also going to order Optimum Nutrition Before, During and After Pregnancy: The Definitive Guide to Having a Healthy Pregnancy, The blokes guide to pregnancy and then I can't decide between what to expect when expecting or your pregnancy bible - any ideas??

    Anyway - I've rambled for a LONG time. Looking forward to going on this journey together xxx
  • hi my names si????n, i'm 25, oh is 28 and we have 8month old son called austin, who was a 'surprise'. so ttc willbe a whole new thing for us and we're planning to upsi in march, altho both oh and i wld be happy to do so now but having had an em c section we were advised to wait for a yr to help the scar heal and cope better with another pregnancy, whic is something i'm worried about, i know being pregnant isn't the comfiest of things but i'm dreading the thought of my scar being sore for 9 months, or at worst splitting. i haven't been on cotraception (except condoms) for a few months now and my periods are just returning as i finished breastfeeding about 6 weeks ago. can't wai to give austin a little borther or sister. lol ideally i wld like another bouy quite soon and then a few yrs andthen a little girl but i know it doesn't work like that and am not fussed at all which sex but wld be the perfect way for me, anyhoo as oh only wants one more, mind u he did say he only wants one, but he's come round, so hopefully i'll be able to twist his arm after the next one lol.

    hope every one gets happy healthy bfps when the time comes xx
  • Hi,
    Im Vicky, I'm 23, married, and have 2 sons H & D who are 3 and 1.

    I'm a full time mum, but will one day go back to work just to get some more income. But at the moment im in no hurry to go back.

    Wanting to have baby number 3 asap, everyone around me is having babies and its making me so broody! I'd love a girl, but i actually really enjoy having boys, they're such a challenge haha. So i wouldnt mind having another boy, but its not something you can choose anyway is it?!
    I'd love a huge family, not sure hubby is so keen though lol.


  • Hiya my name is Kirsty. I live with my fiance and we have a gorgeous Daughter who will be 3 in Febraury!! :O
    I am a full time mummy, I love being at home for LO.
    We are planning on ttc at the end of January/ start of February.
    Fiance would really love a boy (all gran kids are girls so far) and I would love another wee girl, but ultimately as long as baby is healthy we don't care.
    I won't be charting or using the ovulation tests etc as I would become a bit obsessive about it I think. I also won't do PT until AF is at least a week late again as I don't want to be stressed out about it. Last time round we were really lucky as we fell pregnant in our first month of trying!

    think thats everything lol!!

  • Hello All!!

    Im Annabelle (Bea), im 24 and live with my amazing OH. We have one spoiled dog but no babies!

    We are currently living in Edinburgh, although im from Isle of Luing and h2b is from Aberdeen.

    I work as a network librarian (after a string of bad jobs) and totally love it. Im in a public library and read stories to little kids the first fri of the month...it kills me, i WANT one!!

    I am so utterly broody i cry when i see babies, although it hasnt happened in a while. We are both excited-well, mostly me, but h2b lets me show him baby things and every so often he tells me he has seen something our Little One would have one day!

  • Hi ladies!

    I'm Hannah, 24, and I got married to Rich on October 24th - we did things the wrong way around too! We have a gorgeous little girl, Rachel, who will be 1 year old TOMORROW!

    We're moving to Bristol from Nottingham in February to be with my family, and we plan to TTC as soon as we're all settled into the new house. I would love another girl, but that's really because I wouldn't have a clue what to do with a boy! Also, I want 3 children and DH wants 2, so if we have another girl he's more likely to agree to try for number 3 to get a boy, hehe.

    I'm a stay at home mum for now, as it's important to us for me to be at home until the children go to school and we're lucky to be in a position where we can manage that, but once our youngest child starts nursery I plan to train to become a midwife.

    Our house is manic, as hubby and Rachel seemingly have limitless energy and we have 3 cats (Ally, Shadow and Max) running around too, so there's never a dull moment in our house! When I do get time to myself though, I love a bit of sci-fi (geek alert!), especially Red Dwarf and Star Trek, and I have a huge shoe fetish - I can spend all day drooling over pictures of Irregular Choice shoes.

    Hannah xx
  • Hi ladies, I am Rosemary and I live with my husband in the south of england. We are both 22 (i am 23 in like... 16 days whoop) and we are hoping to try for our first baby quite soon.

    I am currently trying to find out what I want to do with my life as the degree I did turned out to not be the thing I wanted to do. Darn.

    I love all things stylish, love clothes, shoes, magazines of clothes and shoes. I still read my wedding magazines I love them so much.

    I am the first of my all my friends/family to get married, and will be one of the first to have a baby. Its very frightening.

    Good to hear all about you ladies, hope to speak to you through our wonderful baby journeys!
  • Hi!! (again!)
    I'm H, 27 (28 next week!) I'm a mummy to two, a girl of 4 and a half and a little boy who turned three the beginning of this week, I'm another one who did things the wrong way round, the way we decided on our wedding date was booking the registrar at the same time as registering our sons birth for a year in the future, so it wil also be our second wedding anniversary next week! We have been contemplating for a long time when to ttc no. 3, circumstances have dictated up until recently, until a year ago we were living in a one bed flat, in april hubby was cut to a four day week and then more recently my job has been at risk (working in a bar three evenings a week) DH is now back on full time hours, we now have a three bed house, and anyone who read my most recent posts - I now have a new job!! Woooohooo! And it works out better for us as a family, working one night a week in a care home with my mom and some other friends, so only have to do 4 nights a month to be better off than I am now! So we are now back onto ttc in January, once I have started the job, If we don't fall in Jan (my family is fairly fertile, none of us have many problems falling pregnant - we only have to look at our men! I am from a very large family with many aunts and uncles and in the region of 50 cousins at last count!) anyway, if it doesn't happen in Jan then we will take a break until April as we really don't want anything else going on in November/December!! I would really like another boy (never thought I would say that if you asked me a year ago, always thought I wanted another girl) but i'm close to my brother and have two nieces (youngest is 8 weeks old) and my couisn whom I'm also close to has also just found out she's having a little girl, so feel my son is a bit outnumbered! But getting very excited now!
  • Ooh, good idea! I'm shy about posting my name as I have a really weird and distinctive one and I know that some of my friends hover on this site from time to time... I'm not telling anyone about our baby plans at the moment so would rather not say who I am in case they know it's me! So is it ok if I am just known as Tilty on here? I promise I'm not a troll or anything awful though and am happy to chat to people by email with my real name etc!


    I'm 29 and live in Scotland. I've been married for 6 months but was with my husband for years before we got hitched! I have become incredibly broody over the past few months and am hoping to have my implant out in the new year and see what happens...

    My husband seems to be looking forward to the idea of having a little one, although he doesn't like the idea of actively 'trying' for a baby (at least at first - I'm sure it would be different if we had no joy after a year or so...) do men in general find it too much pressure or not like the idea?! Anyway, we will be pretty much just seeing how it goes (although I am sure that is much harder than it sounds as I am finding just general broodiness quite all-consuming at the moment!)

    All being well we would love to have two children, although possibly three if the first two (God willing!) are the same sex.

    It's lovely to 'meet' everyone and I am looking forward to hopefully sharing some exciting journeys with you! xx
  • Hi girls, my name is jenni and i have recently become obsessed with babies!

    I'm getting married to my best friend and workmate, the lovely Al on June 17th 2010.

    Its weird i was never bothered about kids before but me and oh kinda assumed it would happen - we could talk about grandkids, but not about kids :lol:

    Anyway I started thinking about it and brought it up on the way to work, when i was driving, so oh couldn't get out!! image

    It turns out that we are comng off the pill after th honeymoon in July 2010, oh was more bothered about me not ttc before the wedding!!!! image:roll:

    My sis is dead against us trying straight after the wedding s she wishes that she had more "us" time before her dd arrived

    I don't know,its hard to not get carried away. I' going to carry on lurking around here and hope to come off the pill and see what happens in July

    By the way, I am 30 and oh is 32
  • Hello girlys. I guess I'm kind of back in here now!! lol!
    Im Sarah, have 3 little girls, 5 in Feb, 3 in March and 17 months. We were trying as of last month but Oh recently asked me to marry him!!! image So we are holding off ttc again until after the wedding in July 2010. I'm so desperate to get pregnant again I'm almost considering getting pregnant b4 the wedding. Sadly Oh wants to wait till after, It's killing me!! I'm thinking more about ttc than the wedding at the mo, someone needs to slap me......... quick!!!
    Anyone got any tips for helping me keep my mind off babies. I don't think I've ever felt THIS broody!!! Help! lol!!! x x x
  • Hi im Amy and i am 23.i got married in feb of this year and hb is 27.We have two children ds is 3 nearly 4 in feb an dd is 1 nearly 2 in feb also.We are planning to ttc in august time as we have alot going till then so had to delay untill then.cant wait for our first chritmas as husband and wife.I am a twin but with a boy an was born in Nottingham an lived in Derbyshire untill i was 13 them moved down to suffolk then we moved 20 mins away to norfolk three years ago.x
  • Hiya ladies its lovely getting to know each other a bit better!
    Rosemary our birthdays must be really close? Mine is the 19th.

    MrsMcD an Tilty I am from Scotland aswell. I am about 20 mins outside Glasgow.

    Stsarina- I love IC shoes they are amazing!!

    Is there anyone on here that was also on YAYW?

    We were planning wedding but have decided to try for another baby first then get married after!! I know back to front :P lol!!

  • I used to be on YAYW but that was about 2 years ago when we got married, pop back on every so often as its a hard habit to break lol!

    Took my first folic acid tablet today which in a bizarre way was exciting lol

    Who else has put their crimbo tree up today? We've gone for a theme this year of blue and silver and it looks sooooo pretty and very grown up for us!
  • Hi fellow Scottish TTC-ers MrsMcD and ttc2ndbaby! Me, hubby & family are in Perthshire area but also have relatives in Glasgow and Edinburgh image
  • Hi, My OH and I wil be TTC in June 10. we have no children yet only one very spoilt dog. I stopped taking pill at start of Nov and just waiting for 1st real AF so I can start tracking my cycle. I am 28 and OH is 27. So excited about TTC but again really worried that it will take months and months before we conceive!! We live in Yorkshire.

    We have also put our tree up today. Starting to feel really festive. I also took my Year 8's to see the new christmas carol film in 3D. It was fabulous. So that started off christmas for me!
  • Hi ladies, I'm anoher from Scotland!.. I stay up near Inverness with H2b, his wonderful son who turned 18!! last week, 3 cats, 3 dogs and 2 horses! I am 30, OH is 40 and we have been together for about 7.5 years. Plan to get married when we can afford it - was gonna be next year but have put it on the back burner to have babies! I am a huge Lost and Bones fan, and love spending time with my horses. I am worried what I will do when I fall pregnant as I'm not sure if I can carry on riding but will cross that bridge when I come to it. I came off the pill on Nov 22nd so hoping I will fall quickly. This is a great thread, it's really nice to get to know some of you a little better - after all we will probably be sharing some pretty intimate stuff over the next wee while lol!! best wishes to everyone
    S. xx
  • ttc2ndbaby! My birthday is on the 20th! I will be the huge age of 23 lol. everyone keeps telling me to shut up but its weird being in my 20s now... not just 20 or 21.... eeek. Every year is a milestone to me!

  • Hello all,

    Haven't posted yet, have just been lurking in the background while tentatively moving from YAYW. I am Em and married my husband in October, having been together 5 years. I am 24 1/2 and husband is 29. We own our little cottage in West sussex, I am a teacher and he is a lecturer/e-learning specialist at a University. I have always wanted a family but was never really what I would call broody. Then I oke up the day after the wedding to the sound of my clock ticking very loudly! I wouldn't say every one around me is having babies, but I am starting to look at those that are enviously. We are quite comfortable financially but I do worry about the money side of things. I am also petrified of giving birth after a few horror stories. Despite this, I can't help but day dream about how delightful it would be to have a few little people around to read stories to, take rock pooling and bake birthday cakes for. It doesn't help that it is Christmas - that makes me even more hormonal! I came off the pill a month ago, partly to get in the spirit of things and partly because I have always suffered with dangerously high blood pressure. However, we have agreed to leave TTC til next Nov. Over a cup of cocoa we did, however, shake on one unprotected jaunt on Valentine's day - on the basis that we'll leave that occassion to fate and a lot of family birthdays are in Nov!! Reckless, but surely that is half the fun! Anyway, that is me, or us. For now I am confined to making up various names and trying to remind myself that the two years we spent planning our wedding flew past so it is silly to rush things..

    Em x
  • hi i put im 23,i am actually 24.i was also on yayw.x
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