excited, positive.. happy

well ladies its nearing the end of July which means august is on its way then of course September our month of starting our ttc journey begins and today i'm feeling so excited and positive.. I see pictures of babies and melt... my little girl looks at me and I think how incredibly proud I am of her and how amazing she is going to be as a big sister! i'm so looking forward to officially starting and all my fears of being pregnant and going though labour again have subsided for today, after all I had a horrendous labour with my dd but I know id go though it all again tomorrow if I had to and hopefully with a better mind set as i know how amazing the rewards are now! image

my poor baby girl is poorly today and i really feel for her.. shes just fallen asleep on me 5mins before we were going to do the bath but im getting all sentimental wondering where the last 2 years and 10months have gone!!! god i love her so much!! lol .. sorry.. off to transfer the poorly one to bed in the hope a good sleep makes her better in the morning!

i hope you are all ok ladies x


  • Hey spuddy hun, i totally share your excitment & am hoping we r gonna b bump buddies as i am ttc in sept too image. I had a pretty awful (v.long) labour so i'm trying to not think of that bit but to just remember the feeling of seeing my ds for the 1st time. It's just incredible the love u feel for your children, no one can ever describe it till you've had your own but i would do anything for my son & always will.
    I am getting very impatient now to start ttc #2!! it doesn't help that i work at mothercare so am surrounded by bumps & babies all day!! There will b 3/4 of us ttc at the same time so it'll b funny to see who falls 1st!!
    Everyone thinks i'll have a girl next time but i'm happy either way as long as baby is healthy image...a girl would b nice though he, he xxx
  • We were planning on ttc Sept/Oct but my OH has just been made redunant image

    We are obviouslyhoping it doesn't take him too long to find a new job, but otherwise we might be set back a bit.

    Oh well. Good luck ttc!
    Moom x
  • hey happymummy.. i think we have similar stories... my labour was horrific but id still love a whole brood of kids lol! i know what you mean about doing anything for your kids i look at my daughter and think wow! lol shes nearly 3 now and miss independant she comes up with such funny things and i have always said every single minute of the 57hour labour i went through was totally worth it!! its just this side of things im finding wierd... the planning.. lol i think you were the same as in not planned last time?... its the waiting.. im so excited.... but its wierd i didnt know about these forums untill after i had my dd.. and i didnt find this one (the best by far!) untill she was 2!! so its nice to try to get to know people and hopefully start some wonderful shared journeys with people!! image
    it must be so hard working in mothercare but i bet when you do start shopping you get a nice discount? lol!!!

    moomin im really sorry to hear that about your husband!! its a tough time at the minute we are lucky that we both work in "secure" (well i hope so!) jobs.... i hope he finds something very soon and you never know it may be a blessing in disguise i really believe things happeb for a reason...so finger crossed and goodluck!!


  • Thanks Spuddy

    I did think my OH wasn't that into the idea of TTC but he has said that hopefully something will get sorted soon so we can get on with it image .... so nicely put!

    So still taking the Folic Acid and we'll see what happens job-wise over the next month or two.

    Moomin x

  • moomin.. i know what you mean.. our dd wasnt planned and it took my oh longer to get used to the idea than me.. but this time we are both on the same page and planning it... its great knowing we are on the same train of thought and seeing him get so excited!! i hope your oh gets a job quickly so you can get on with the important things...ttc!! image
  • Hi ladies, oh moomin i hope your dh gets things sorted soon so u can join us in the ttc journey!
    I used to go on Bounty forum & made some lovely bump buddies on there with my last preg but it's gone quiet now so came on here & love it image everyone seems so lovely on here...some forums u go onto u can get really bitchy people which i just can't b bothered with but everyone seems nice on here.
    yep it's gonna b weird actually ttc spuddy...am thinking i may get some ov sticks just to check when i ovulate...just cheapy ones, amazon do them for a couple of quid.
    Mommin...is it your 1st?
    Where r u guys from? feel i should kinda introduce myself...so here goes..My names Leah, i'm 30 this thurs (boo!!), have been married for 1yr on 29th august & we live in taunton. My hubbie sis a personal trainer & we have 1 little boy who is 21months old on 11th august image

    Anyways ladies..take care & speak soon xx
  • Cheers Ladies,

    My name is Sharon -aka Moomin my nickname since college. I'm 31!! So getting on a bit in the TTC stakes, we got married 2 weeks before Leah so very close to our 1 year anniversary. We live in Cambridge at the mo.

    We don't have any children yet, we would like at least 2 children. After growing up as part of a big family I can't imagine just having one but we'll see how it goes.

    Leah hope you have a fabulous birthday on Thursday.

    Moom x
  • well ladies heres my introduction... my name is gemma (spuddy is a variation of a college nickname from a very random drama lesson! lol) i am 25 image...lol...and we live in leicester...i have one beautiful little girl who will be 3 in oct.... i have been with my oh for 6years... not married (yet! lol)

    happy mummy... i used to go on huggies but like you say things just get so bitchy.. iv loved this site but i felt like i kind of joined too late to really fit into toddler... as you say though whenever iv posted anything everyone has always been lovely so i thought id come back to the very begining at planning to see how it goes image...

    iv seen the ovulation kits ... they kinda scare me lol tbh i have no real clue about anything iv never really taken much notice... :-S..... i do know i have a regular 29day cycle so hopefully that puts us in good stead..

    moomin.. im one of 6 so i know what you mean we would ideally like 4 but not sure if we counld manage financially so will have to see how it goes!

    and happy 30th for thursday happy mummy.... i hope you get spoiled!


  • Hey ladies, hope your all well.
    Had a fab b'day & am now officially a 30yr old!! yuck!! spent the day with my best friend, my little boy & her little girl.
    Wow spuddy your 1 of 6!! crikey! i only have an older brother & my dh has 2 half sisters & we have agreed that we'd like 2 or 3 kids but def no more. I am slightly worried that i will feel broody again after #3 lol!! i'll just have to get a puppy if i am!
    I just keep thinking that by the end of the yr we should all be preg...how exciting! can't wait to get my bump back, i loved being preg image.
    Any news on the job front moomin?

    take care ladies xxx
  • I'm glad you had a great time on your birthday I did on my 30th -I don't think I minded it as much as it was 4 months before our wedding so was just very excited!!

    I'm 1 of 4 and would love 4 but at my age I don't think it is going to happen don't think I'd want 4 very close together and if I didn't I would end up having babies in my 40s which is something I don't think I would want (but who knows). I have considered fostering after having children but we'll see.

    My OH has 2 job interviews next week already! If he could get a job linned up before he leaves work it would be amazing we could split his redunancy money into baby fund and holiday! Fingers crossed, he hasn't been offered anything yet and even if they do he may decide he doen't want the job....

    Moom x
  • hey ladies!! how are you both???

    moomin thats fab news about your husbands job!! fingers crossed for you both!! ..

    happymummy... lol to the puppy thing!! i know what you mean though.. i cant imagine thinking "you know what? im done having kids!" i was talking to oh the other nigh.. double checking with him that the next pregnancy was not going to be the last one lol!! ..

    i sooo hope we are all pregnant by the end of the year!! how very exciting! if all goes well this time next year we could have beautiful new babies!!
    im sooooooooooo excited now image

    any exciting plans for the weekend??
  • Oh moomin, fingers crossed for your dh! what does he do for a living? i think the job front is picking up now so i'm sure he'll get something soon.
    I def don't wanna b having babies into my 40's! i'll b 30/31 when this one is born (hopefully!) & then i'd like another fairly close together, maybe when next one is 2 then that'll b me done image. I'd like a girl at some poitn though so if #2 & #3 are boys then i may b tempted to try for #4!! eeekk!!
    Well i'm at work all day today then out with some girly friends to celebrate my 30th!!
    By the way ladies, if u r on facebook feel free to add me..my surname is dyton & pic is me & my little man
    Have a lovely wk end xxxx
  • hey... a celebration night sounds like fun!! and welll deserved... im not doing much today.. i think my dd has passed on her tonsilitis so i feel rubbish today.. ill be working overtime tomorrow... which sucks but we all need the money!!

    have you seen on the homepage today its "baby making august?" lol i was like nooooooo... septemeber!! haha but read a couple of the articles not sure if i read anything i didnt know but it excites me all the same!! image

    leah iv added you my surname is mclean and pofile pic is me and my sister with a glass of wine image your little boy is gorgeous!! image

  • Hi ladies,
    Thanks gemma, i've added u & your little girl is so beautiful image.
    Had soooo much fun last night!! only had 1 glass rose & 5 vodka/lime/lemonades but felt pretty drunk lol!! no hangover though!!
    My hubbie did actually say today that we could start ttc end august but i have have best friends hen do 11th sep & would rather wait till after but was dead chuffed he said it anyway!! ..plus i gotta wait for my fellow ttcers!!
    Hope u feel better soon gem xxxx
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