Maybe trying for number 2?

Hi girls,

i use to live on this website when I was preg with my little girl. She is now 9 months old and a little darling.

Hubby and I always spoke about trying again at the end of the year as we did not want a big gap between our children. He spoke to me this morning and said how would I feel about trying again in june or July this year?

I am not really sure what to say?? I cam back to full time work last tuesday though I only plan to work here till oct and then give up for good. I have not told them that yet.

Am I mad for trying again so soon as Rose is only 9 months??



  • Hello Rosebud44,

    I think as long as youre happy and your husband is and you arent struggling with just the one daughter you have then go for it!

    You never know how long it will take you to concieve as well so if your happy to do it then i say do it!

    You could always start off just not using any protection but not particularly trying to fall pregnant and see how it goes?

    Best of luck to you :\)

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  • Hi,

    I can't really help much as I don't have any yet so can't imagine how hard it would be... I know we are hoping not to have too much of an age gap between LOs (fingers crossed everything goes ok!), but don't know how we'll feel when we get there with the first one!

    If you got PG straight away, Rose would be 19/20 months by then... I suppose you can only try and imagine how you'd feel.

    Good luck! xx
  • Hi,

    My ds is 11 months soon and we are going to start ttc again as soon as I have had af this month!!! The main reason we have waited til now is we are going on holiday tomorrow and I didn't want to be pg on holiday and trying to hide it from all our friends etc..also I was very sick last time so didn't want to spoil it for everyone.

    I am 35 in July so as well as not wanting a big gap I am also conscious of my age etc..

    I know it's going to be hard work with 2 little ones but I think we are prepared...ish lol

    I think as long as you are both happy then go for it.

    Good Luck xx
  • Thanks girls, I know it's a hard question to ask as really only I can amswer it for myself. I am very excited about the idea of having another little one.

    I did have a hard time throughout my last preg, had SPD and was sick throughout, Rose has been a darling but the first few months I struggled as she had slient reflux and i never knew but once we got that sorted it was better.

    I think I am just scared about finding it hard but I guess till you do it you will never know. The only other thing is I had an em c section and I know they say to wait up to two years till you try again but I really really do not want to wait that long.

  • hello 'waves'

    i remeber you from TTC, we are planning no2 around december time when LO will be 12 months, we would be trying sooner but i had a section :\(

    good luck ttc x
  • Hi love,

    Yes I remember you as well. I had a section as well, I have read your meant to wait two years but we really really do not want to wait that long.

    I wanted a home water birth but things went wrong so ended up having a em c section 9 months ago .

    k XX
  • i have just replied on your other threat, but all i have to say is ther is 12 months gap between my 2 eldest and its brilliant there best of friends i think small age gaps are so much better. So i say go for it and good luck were looking at trying so so might see you about on here!! xxx
  • Thank you image xxx
  • Hi Rosebud, We have a 7 month old and we are actively ttc No 2! Like you I was on here all the time when pregnant so if we are lucky enough to get a BFP i'm sure i'll be on here again as I find it so useful! I personally think although it will be hard work to begin with having 2 young children, as they grow older they will have each other to play with and will help bring each other along. Good luck with trying. xxx
  • Thank you image I am very excited about it. I have one more pill to take and then I am going to come off the pill image

    Still not 100% sure if I should wait anothe rmonth or two or just go for it.
  • good luck, hope no2 doesnt take too long x
  • its a tough decision isnt it!
    my lo is 16 months and dh has been bugging me for months about having another baby. i really didnt feel ready up until about 2 months ago now i cant wait to come off the pill!

    i am so scared tho and keep thinking will i cope with 2, what do i do with dd when i have a new born etc etc etc!
    if i think about it too much i put myself off hehe

    good luck hun!

  • we have a 7month old and well, not "trying" so to speak, but not using any contraception, and would be over the moon if baby number 2 happened! image

    we want a close age gap too image
  • Hi girls, well after a lot of talking with hubby we are going to wait just a few more months. There are things I have to do at the mo and if I was to be lucky enough to fall preg right away that would be a problem so we will wait just a few months and then start trying image

  • Glad you sorted it Rosebud! :\)
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