Leaving you for a few weeks xx

Hi ladies,
I am finally getting to move into the new house at the end of the month, so I'm going to be without internet for a few weeks. So just thought I'd post to let you know I will be back. I have counted my pill packets and they take me into the middle of febuary. So at the moment I'm thinking of holding off tcc until then. By that time I should be settled into the new pad and be halfway there to making it 'home'. I have been so broody recently but oh wants to wait until we are more settled so an extra months not going to make much difference. After being in the house today and seeing how much work is needing done to it, I know myself I'll not be ready until everythings in a reasonable order, I don't want to start tcc if I'm stressed out. Anyway goodluck and babydust to all those tcc or who are planning on tcc soon. I'll want an update as soon as I get back xxxx


  • Bye MFS I will miss you, hurry up and come back to us, good luck with the house move hun xx
  • good luck with the house move, hope it all goes well and roll on February xxx
  • Hey MFS,

    Good luck, hope it all goes smoothly. The time is flying so Feb will be here in no time xx
  • Good luck and hurry back xxx

  • Awww MFS- my 'will they won't they TTC' buddy!!! image:lol:

    Who am I going to have all my wobbles with now?! Not that you had wobbles at all!

    Good luck with the house move , it's going to be fabulous. When we moved house 3years ago I concieved Charlotte straight afterwards so fingers crossed! You'll have a new home and be TTC before you know it.

    Hurry back missus,

  • Hey MFS you have a safe and non-eventful move .. we hope to see you back here soon. (You can always get wireless at a cafe or something if you miss us too much!)

    hehe all the best image
  • good luck honey, i hope its as stress free as can be for you.
  • good luck for the move, hope to see you back real soon

    have my fingers firmly crossed for you that feb will be the month you graduate xxx
  • MFS good luck with the move! How's married life? x
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