The Pre TTC "to do list"

Hi Girls!

At the moment I am in the Pre-TTC stages. Hubby and I had a big chat over the weekend about our future plans and when to TTC and we have tentatively planned on me coming off the pill towards the end of 2010. From then on I am going to leave the contraception up to him (and I am guessing that he'll soon come around to ditching the BC and getting on with getting pregnant!!!)

So....... I want to make sure that I make the most of my (hopefully) last year of being child free. I was wondering if you ladies have a "to do" list of things that you want to enjoy / achieve / do before having children......


  • hey beyond,
    i am sooooooooooooooooo broody too and we have made the decsion to start trying dec/jan time- so will hopefully join you!
    things i set out to do before having a family:
    * finish masters degree- hand in date is may 5th 2010 so wish me luck!
    *move to bigger house- did this last year so check!
    *get fit- gonna go great guns at the wii fit and walking
    *eat healthy- still tyring....
    *decrease drinking- not a raving alco but do enjoy a galss of wine but i know this needs to be knocked on the head when trying
    *read everything! i am a MAJOR planner so i like to know the 'facts'. have read all sorts on net, bought baby mags etc. just trying to be as prepared as poss!
    * go on holiday- as we are going to try by the end of this year we are going on two hols! one with a gang to spain and one to france (on friday actually) just the two of us- god knows when we'll be able to afford it again!
    * pay off credit card- in process of should be done by summer
    * put some money in bank- hoping to save approx 4 months mortgage payments as i am a teacher and mat pay is crap!

    i know i have rambled on lots but hope this is of help to you. having said that, my mum has always told me that this happen for a reason and life has a great way of spoiling or ignoring plans. i am trying to be sensible and resposible but i know its up to nature to take its course and i'll be pregnant when im pregnant and i'll love every minute of it!
    sorry again about the ramble but it has been theriputic!
    nichola x
  • have just re-read what i have put and am disgusted by the fact that i have admitted i am a teacher and that i wrote so many spelling mistakes!!!! damn the


  • Hi Mrs Planner!

    Maybe we'll be TTC buddies at the start of 2011!!

    It sounds silly but Hubby & I have a pretty good combined income when you look at national averages and still he is insisting that we can't afford a baby!! We currently live in our London flat in the week and then in our lovely new "family home" in Somerset at weekends.

    Hubby started a new job about 6 weeks ago and whilst is pays well and is a fantastic role the hours are long and his boss is a bit of a ^$()&!!! He is going to reasses the situation after 6 months there in September and may look at trying to get a similar role near our new home in Somerset. If this happens then I can also look for something new and we can forget about having to pay 2 mortgages and train fares as the London mortgage is easily covered by the rental income and would still leave us with some money to save for a little one!!

    So I guess that before TTC my to do list includes:

    - Save some money!

    - Enjoy a few more late nights out and a few more lazy Sunday mornings in bed

    - Vist Hubby's Grandmother in Australia (she is desperate for a Great grandchild!!)

    - get fit (tricky as I hate the gym but we'll see....)

    - start taking vitamins and all the supplements I need

    - learn more about what to expect

    - get in a few more holidays!
  • evening girls, i will hopefully be a ttc buddy too. i am planning to come of the pill in november so things to do for us are:

    * Save save save
    *go on holiday to dominican in november (last hol just as a couple).
    *have a lot of drunkin saturday nights before its too late.
    *get fit and healthy so i wont be too tired when im pregnant (wishful thinking)

  • hahahaha Janie128!
    I am with you on the drunken nights out. Add to that saturday afternoon drinking as I'm guessing being drunk during daylight hours is an absolute no go for a long while after giving birth!

    I think getting fit is a really good idea. I want ot be able to exercise throughout my pregnancy (as I want to make sure that I don;t become a total blob!!) but from what I've read it's only adviseable to do this is you have been exercising before you got PG.

    Maybe it's time to sign up to a gym.......
  • Let me join image
    How old are we all ladies? x
  • Hey beyondbroody. Those Saturday afternoons drinking sound like a good plan as being drunk whilst chasing a toddler round won't be very good. I am already doing weight watchers to lose weight for our holiday in nov so hopefully will be nice and skinny for then even though I will put loads on when I'm pg I want to try n stay as slim as possible . Yet more wishful thinking on my part. Oh dear. Ps pondering I am 23 .
  • Well I finish my pill on 29th April and will be TTC straight away. I guess that doesn't leave much time ha. I am not assuming I am going to fall straight away. I already have a holiday booked with OH on 21st June for two weeks to Gran Canaria; can't wait. We decided that we can still have a good holiday even if I can't drink. I am hoping that i fall whilst on holiday. I am living with my partner in his house but still paying a mortgage from my previous marriage (I paid it for three years on my own anyway so it isn't anything new to me). Ideally i would like to finish off the flat and sell it so i can save my mortgage money so I can have even longer off maternity leave. I am with the NHS and need to look into it but i am sure the maternity leave is good with the NHS xx

  • everyone sounds so sensible! my pre-ttc to do list involves making the most of late nights and drinking and doing as much couply things as posible with my husband!
    we don't have much oppurtunity to save alot as we have 2 holidays and its both our birthdays before september so we want to make themost of them! xxx
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