Happy Adelicia today - 1st CBFM High


I've been lurking mostly the last few months. so you'll forgive my sudden uncloaking. I need to tell someone about this, but as no one other than OH and my incredibly repressed mother (who would be horrified at the idea of charting anything), it had to be your guysimage

I've mentioned before that I'm a recovering anorexic. My BMI is now back in the healthy range, just and last Monday I had my first real bleed in over 18 months. Happy as Larry, I unpacked my CBFM I'd bought a while ago and pressed the M button.

So, I've been religiously POAS every morning for the last few days, and it's been flashing the 'Low' symbol at me. This morning, I had the 'High' symbol... which as I'm CD11 seems about right.

I'm so happy. I know it doesn't mean anything of great significance at this point, but as I'm a worrier, I was starting to panic I wouldn't see anything other that that mocking one little segment.

Anyway, this is really great as we are planning on TTC from next month!


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