I'm new too - not sure I can wait!!

Hi Everyone,

At last a place to talk about planning for a baby without having to be pregnant!!

We're planning on trying for a baby in May time, finishing my pills in Feb and then giving my body 3 months to get back to normal before we TTC when we go on holiday to Tunisia in May - will be our first holiday since Honeymoon 2 years ago so I'm excited about that too.

For everyone who isn't planning on trying till next year, how do you keep waiting, I'm already antsy and want to say blow it - lets just try now!!

BIL had a gorgeous little girl who is 5 weeks old now, and I am trying very hard not to say - oooh we'll have your moses basket etc. when you decide to sell it!!! image Hubby has very wisely said that would be bad luck!

We're also going to try the Shettles method for a boy - anyone else trying that?


  • Hi Mrs Clayton!
    Thought I would respond on your thread image
    It is soo exciting isn't it!!
    What is the Shettles method?
    I know that fiance would love a wee boy (we already have a wee girl) I think I would prefer a wee girl (although not too bothered as long as its a healthy wee baby)
    We aren't sure when to start trying it will either be beginning or end of year (will have a wee break ttc in May) Theyre is already 4 or 5 birthdays in Feb in Family inc our duaghter!!
  • Shettles method is supposed to tip the weight one way or the other towards either sex. I've ordered the book off Amazon which hopefully will arrive in the next couple of days.

    Truth be told we wouldn't mind either, but if we could choose it would definitely be a boy.

    We'll have to see if we can wait till May - hubby is just as broody as me lol
  • hello!

    I'm new too and just can't wati to get trying!

    We are planning to start in January and see how it goes. The more I think about it the more broody I get!

  • Told hubby I needed a hobby or we need to start TTC cos all I can think about is babies!! I knew I wanted children but seriously its all I can think about.

    Same reason we're waiting till May - we have our wedding loan which finishes in April which will leave us about ??400 a month better off, and I really don't want to go back to work full time if we can help it.

    Everytime we get a new catalogue through I go straight to the nursery section - but looking at their prices :O jeepers, defo going to be looking on ebay, ikea etc cos some of the prices are crazy!

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