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Hello.. I'm new. x

Hi Ladies,

I got married in August, and have just come over from YAYW. Can I join you?

We are not actually trying yet, but would be very happy if something happened. x


  • we got married in august too yay!

    i am gonna upsi tonight, i cant think of anything better than a valentines baby. we're not trying trying but like you, wouldnt be sad if... image
  • hehe I like how you think!
    we already upsi'd today.. hubbys valentine treat image

    I know, a valentine baby would be so cute xx
  • Hello! I'm new here too, but also a YAYW-er image
  • I'm a newbie from YAYW too! Not actively trying but would be happy if something happened. Thinking of trying in a few months :\) x
  • Ahh lots of yAYW ers ! welcome ladies. x How are we all doing? I will be testing on march 2nd ish. . Don't really think I am pregnant, and we are not even supposed to be trying yet, but we got bit by the Valentines bug! x
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