why oh why lol

Hi girls....

im sat here going over and over in my head whether i do wanna try 4 no3 or not lol......y is life so hard.......im due 2 take my pill again wednesday but im thinking do i or dont i lol

my sister is 13wks preg aswell so i have been dragged round every single babyshop going 2day and played about with buggys lol so im now even more broody than i was b4 lol

and my fella is on lates and not seen him since tues so cant even tlk 2 him about it lol apart from the odd txt lol

anyone else in same boat???

thanks 4 reading...

xx holly xx


  • Hi,

    Yes i am exactly the same. The decision is driving me mad!!!!! I really cant decide whether to stick with two or have a third, its such a big decision. Deciding number two was easy as I didnt want my little boy to be an only child, but deciding on 3, i cant make a decision - more cons than pros, but is my family complete?!

    Ive stopped my pill just in case!

  • HI my friends just gone through the same thing she' s been feeling broody for about a year,she kept talking about it with her oh,my advice was will you regret more not having another one or will it not bother you, so after months of debating they decided they weren't going to have another 1,so they booked holiday to florida for them & 2 girls had appt to have coil put back in day before she went for coil she did a pregnancy test & is now expecting baby girl no 3 in july,was just ment to be, oh is buying a shed for him & the dog as their the only boys in house! xoxo
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