Getting Broody!!

I always said I wanted to wait until DS is 2 before I started TTC again but I am getting ridiculously broody again already. He is only 5 months :lol:

We definately can't start trying for a while, we are in a horrible financial situation and really need to get ourselves sorted before we even contemplate no.2. I have always said there is never a right time etc but this is most definately the WRONG time to think about it.

I also really want to enjoy DS while he is little and make the most of it, he is growing up so fast I know 2 years will be here in a heartbeat.

I just can't help getting bump envy and thinking I want another everytime I see a pregnant woman or a new baby!! :roll:


  • hello 'waves'

    i know what you mean about bump envy, my friend is 30 weeks and i am soooooo jelous!!! we cant wait to TTC again and LO is only 6 months!
  • Hi sweetie,

    i have no kids yet but im always thinkin of it and what makes it worse for me is when i do think about it, women who a preg and moms with babies are everywhere lol.

    I understand thou with fiancial difficulties, it must be tough, my sis in law wants numba 2 and doesnt know how she would do it.

    i've always like the idea of having 3 to 4 years between each child so they get individual attention and i wont feel so tired either but thats just me, its up to you.

    like my mother always says: you can live off beans and toast lol if it helps.

    Hope it all goes well for you hun!

  • Hi *waves at PP!*

    I know what you mean about pregnant women and babies being everywhere Kimbo, today I was at the checkout at the supermarket, both the tills either side of me had a pregnant woman at them, the woman behind me was pregnant and there was a woman stood chatting to someone at the end of my till who was pregnant! I was surrounded!!

    I notice you say 'we' PP, I haven't discussed this with my OH yet, I am too scared of him having me sectioned lol!!
  • lol, we i say we, i have said what i want and hubby hasnt said no image

    we have to have a big talk really but he hates those talks :lol:

    maybe you are being stalked by these preggers women LMAO
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