Cycle length all over the place! Help!

We won't be ttc until after our wedding next year but ever the super organised I am already planning! I've had a look back at the calender and worked out my cycle lengths and they seem to be all over the place! In 14 months I've had 11 periods are these are the cycle lengths in days:
39, 46, 38, 57, 30, 33, 41, 39, 33, 29, 43.
I know absolutely nothing about ttc but I'm aware it's made a lot easier if you can predict the day of ovulation, might be a bit tricky! I'm a bit of a worrier and am concerned it will be more difficult for me because of this. My sister conceived her 2 children in the first month of trying both times!!
Does anyone else have a similar problem?
Thanks in advance.


  • I'll take that as a no then...
  • hia
    I'm gatecrashing here!!
    Just wanted to say that my cycles were always like that!! Anything from 28-60 days!!
    I managed to get pregnant my first month coming off the pill but unfortunatly miscarried. It then took me another 12 months to fall pregnant but we got there and now have a 6 month old daughter. Not knowing ur cylce length can make it trickier but u can do ovulation tests so u know when is the best time to bd!!
    good luck
  • Hi Luc86,
    Thanks so much for your reply, I'm so glad to hear you now have a lovely daughter.
    I've never really tracked my cycles but always write down the date for some reason. I guess I knew they were a bit crazy as I've always been amazed when my friends were in a mood cz they 'knew' their AF was on it's way!! I guess I need to spend less time stressing, I'm a bit of a worrier and always expect the worst!!
    Thanks so much again.
  • Hi there - i'm g/c to from ttc! if you have an iphone look for 'period tracker'. It does what it says on the tin - tracks your periods. Makes a graph of your cycle length, tells you when you're more likely to be ovulating etc...
    There will be more help if you look up on google how to average out your cycles.
    Hope this helps! xx
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