Hi Everyone xx

Hey everyone just thought i wud say hi, we are planning to try for a another baby as of this month...we already have a lil boy called Micah he is 12month old. Cant wait to have another its the best thing ive ever done in my life. so HI every 1 xx jenz


  • Hiya jenz and welcome to planning!!
    Is that Micah on your pic? He is a cutey!!
    I'll be trying for my number 2 in October, my LO is 6 and a half months now and were waiting till she is 1.
    I totally agree with you on the best thing I've done so far!! I love being a mummy and can't wait to add to my family!!
    Soo, welcome again

    Dani x
  • hey Dani
    thanks, yes that's my lil man in the pic! hes 12 month n just started walking! its sooooo cute! he gets so proud of him self!
    hope all goes to plan 4 u 2 then wen u start trying! i think its a good age gap! theres 22 month's between me and my big bro! n we wer really close growing up!!
  • hello image

    we are waiting until LO is 12 months, wish we didnt have to wait until december though!!

    look forward to chatting and good luck on a fast BFP!!
  • Hi Foxjenz,

    I will be TTC at the end of this week for my first with my OH. Your little man is definitely a cutie!! xx



  • Aww thanks every 1! good luck to u all! Happy Baby making!!!
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