pains after coming off the pill?


I've just come off the pill, i had my pill period end on the 29th of june, for the last 3 days , i've been feeling period like pains in that area and its been a week since my pill period, is this too soon?, is this normal? is it my body trying to get back to normaL? ive never experienced this before and wondered has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you for reading my message i'm very grateful xx


  • Hi Kimbo,
    When I came off the pill, I had a short 2 day bleed a few days after my withdrawal bleed finished. I've heard on here that other people have had this too. Maybe it could be this??

    Hope you're ok. xx
  • i found last time i came off the pill my body went mental, i had synthetic hormones for so long i had forgotten what my body acctually does, when off the pill i get pains approaching OV and AF, i also get very 'wet' during ovualtion too somnthing i never experienced on the pill, my frist cycle off the pill i also got every pregnancy symptom going! backache, peeing loads, nausea, bloatedness, you name it i had it :lol:

    it could well be OV pains?

    good luck x
  • Hi Kimbo,

    I can off the pill and had my first true period on 29th June for 5-6days, it started off as "old blood" and then went full flow to a really heavy period, never had such a heavy period in all my life!!!

    I had really bad cramps/aches before i started bleeding and i've now got really bad pains in my legs which feel like ive pulled a muscle but are there all the time!!!

    I think its just myself coming off the pill but its so annoying!!!

    When are you going to ttc?

    Lou x
  • Thanks for your replies, i keep telling myself it must be the pill, and the fact i've been on it for so long, have felt ok so far, it could be that i OV, who knows,i hope to have my period at the end of july. thanks for sharing your experiences, its so nice to know im not on my own. i'm not to sure when we are goin to ttc, we hope to be in our new home maybe sep and we did talk about just movin in and start ttc, but who knows how it will turn out. we've been together so long and keep hoping everything will turn out ok. fingers crossed.

    Many thanks again xxxx
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