Any students planning or had a baby?

Hiya, i thought I had posted this before but i cant find it in my other posts??

I am just curious to find out if any ladies have had their babies during their studies, or if anyone is ttc? would you mind sharing your thoughts and experiences on this? Thanks xxx


  • I'm a student, just coming to the end of my undergrad in june. We are hoping to start TTC April/May time and keep it hush on any job interviews.

    I'm planning to do a PhD which requires 2 years paid experience for the nhs on temporary contracts so i'm hoping to get my BFP fairly quickly (optimistic i know!) and then i will have a couple of months maternity leave before applying for the second temporary post as they tend to open around may time.

    I'm lucky that my mom doesn't work and is more than happy to take on childcare image

    Will you be a student when you start TTC?

  • Hiya, I am a student now (first year) the plan is (well was as you have read my other post!) ttc and if i get pregnant defer for a year. there is a couple of students on the course who are pregnant / ttc and this is there plan.

    OH's mum doesnt work so like yours would be happy to take on childcare image

    I think OH has got me searching for reasons now not to have a baby - boo hoo image xxx

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  • I think there will always be reasons not to have a baby, think of the pay cut you have to take for SMP! I'm fairly young so I'm constantly questioning my decision! I sometimes wonder whether id be best off finishin all my studying first but I'm so broody its just not an option!

    I think if you feel ready and have the finances and a plan post baby you're pretty much as planned as you can be for this kind of thing!

    I would love to hear any ttc/pregnancy stories from other students on here though image
  • hi im a second year law student and me and my husband are ttc our second. i have a 4 and a half year old daughter which i had whilst studying for my gcse's. Im not saying its not differcult having a little one whilst studying but as long as your organised its fine.
  • Thanks for the replies ladies!

    I currnently work aswell as uni, however was planning on leaving in september as I have to go on a 70 day placement at the start of my second year, however I said to OH if we got pregnant before then, I could defer for a year and then go on mat leave from work, child care as I said wouldnt be an issue as his mum would happily help out, and this isnt us assuming we have asked her image

    Ive also spoke to others with kids on the course about what help you get from student finance so I know where I am with that, and I have a savings account (hopefully not jinxing anything!). OH also got a promotion at xmas so has took on a pay rise with it.

    I just think when I finished Uni, I will then want to find a job, and then when I find a job i will want to be in it for a while before getting pregnant and so the wait goes on and on lol

    Who ever knew life would be this hard lol xxxx
  • I know its not quite the same, but I fell preg whilst dh was still at uni; our lease was just running out on our flat and he was studying - I was barely supporting us both and the thought of raising a child was terrifying! 2 years on and he's finished his studies and working now, we've bought our first house and planning on ttc for number2! It was hard and money was very tight but we managed - if you want a baby that much then you find anyway you can to make it work!!

    If he's been given a promotion he's obviously in a stable job, and with childcare sorted it sounds like the best time to have a child. Plus unis are so understanding; if lo was ill it is so easy to take a day off without letting anybody else down and catch up the work later - if you were working and had to take a day off they sometimes frown upon it (I know my old job sure did!).

    I say go for it! Good luck with ttc!
    Kel x
  • Thanks for sharing Kel, can I ask was your hunny entitled to a child care grant, I know it sounds daft but I just wondered with him being a male? I know alot of woman on my course get it. OH has mentioned returning to studies in the future, (i think because I have done it this has inspired him) and it just got me thinking about what money he would be entitled to?

    Thanks image xxx
  • A couple of ladies on my course get a childcare grant and my uni is also very understanding about childcare etc. Even on late lectures they are allowed to leave early to collect children from nursery so to avoid paying further costs on childcare.

    Like Garfield24 says, i think uni's, in my experience, are a lot more understanding than an employer tends to be

  • Do you know we never even looked into it? Hmmm, maybe should have! Didn't even cross our minds that we might get something extra for him having a baby. Oops!

    I'm sure fellas must do though, would be discrimination otherwise.
    Hmm, might have to look into that!
  • Hi,
    I'm in the first year of a degree and ttc. A friend on my course as well as another girl are pg so there will be a support network there. I went with my friend when she told our tutor and was glad I did. She was really supportive and laid back about it saying as long as she (my friend) wasn't running herself ragged there was no reason she couldn't still carry on with the course. Made me feel better about if and when we get pg!
  • Thanks for the replies, Garfield, I just realised I refered to your hubby has hunny lol god knows what I was thinking when I typed that.

    Its nice to hear stories of supportive unis, i think mine would also be the same cos there is someone pregnant on my course and they have been good to her xx
  • Hi all, I was just having a nose around and came across this post!
    Im a first year student and have just had my baby gilr who is 6 weeks. I managed to finish all my written work at uni and just have 1 placement to do before starting back in my 2nd year. I also have a 4 year old and tbh it really is not as stressful as people tell you. The people who seem to think it is stressful havent normally been students whilst being pregnant i found,lol.
    Anyway I had a awful pregnancy (spd and real bad breathing problems) but i managed just like you will.
    The uni was very supportive and have helped me sort out my return date and stuff like that. I also work (I only work 2 shifts in a month ontop of uni but with a 4 year old,and uni with placements its enough) but i dont use the choildcare facilities at the uni as my mum and MIL help with the kiddies.
    I can honestly say that planning a baby/being pregnant whilst at uni/having a baby whilst being a student has been the best thing I have ever done!!
    Im seconded from my sponsing NHS trust so get maternity pay same as if I was working in the hospital so I cant help with bursary payments whilst on maternity leave but I do think they pay you some how (my tutor kept saying about it but i kept telling her it didnt apply to me,lol)
    I think as long as you stay focused on going back and bear in mind you will be with different people in your group/class when you return then you will be fine.
    good luck and if you have any questions drop me a post in baby xx
  • i'm a 20 yr old 2nd year law student and 12weeks
  • Thank you all for the replies, feel good about ttc now image xxxx
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