me again lol x

hello girls..........

Well i was at my sisters on saturday and my sis is currently 13wks preg with her 3rd and married mum was getting excited about bits my sis was showing her 4 the baby, so i mentioned i was thinking of trying 4 my 3rd and she hit the roof!!! said i wasent married and she wouldnt be happy!!!! GRRRR!!! i went mad and told her it shouldnt matter if im married or not!!

wot u lot think?
im due 2 take pill again wed morn but thinking do i or dont i lol

XX hols XX


  • i think it is very dependant on how you see marriage, for us we wanted to be married before having babies, its a very individual choice but really it makes no difference to how you love your children just leaves you in a more secure place should the worst happen?

    i dont think her opinion should decide weather you have any more afterall its not her getting you pregnant! as long as you and your OH are happy i would go for it! i am sure she would be very excited if you were to be pregnant x
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