Hows everyone doing?

The wait leading up to TTC is awful isn't it? I'm trying to lose weight before TTC but I just can't seem to give myself the kick up the back side that I need to do it! We are going to start trying in March 2011, I don't want to wish the time away at all but I am baby/pregnant crazy! How are all you ladies who are waiting to TTC?

Hayley xx


  • Hi Hayley..well apart from being ridiculously broody then i'm fine lol!! me & dh will b trying sep time but ideally would like to fall oct/nov time as i want a july/august baby image
    I'm not particularly trying to loose weight b4 ttc but am trying to get tummy muscles (and everything else!!) tight & toned like my 1st preg as i managed to get my pre baby body back after a few months image woop, woop...prob won't b the case with #2 though!!
  • Hi ladies,

    Hayley, your post could have been written from me, apart from we're planning to start ttc December/January and it will be our first!! I am soo distracted by everything baby, and it seems like such a long time away until we can start ttc! On a plus side, I have just started my third period after coming off the pill and my cycles may well have settled themselves down. First was 29 days and the last 2 have been 33 days - hope this is a good sign!

    Well done on your post-baby body happymummy! I have a feeling I will be a big fat bloater when I'm pregnant.... must not use it as an excuse to eat cake though, lol! xxx
  • hey hun!! im begining to get really excited!!only a month to go and we are officially ttc #2!! i cant believe how quickly its come around!! iv started power walking for an hour at a time to try to get fitter iv only just started so not feeling any benefits yet! lol just muscle ache!! lol

    but other than that im feeling really positive im so excited/nervous/anxious... every emotion at the min!!

    hope you are ok x
  • Hi,

    I spend way too much time on here and everyone I know is pregnant or has a baby image feeling very broody. Hopefully it'll be our turn soon enough though. I can't wait to have a baby but understand what spuddy says about the idea being an emotional rollercoaster. We don't have any children yet and I worry about how we'll cope, whether we can get pregnant, the responsibility.... but am so excited about TTC, being pregnant and having a baby to nuture!

    I'm trying to lose weight and trying to keep fit before TTC. I'm also doing all the fun stuff like going for a smear and the dentists over the next month or so!

    Moomin x

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