TTC Dates! 33 BFPs so far!

Well, in pregnancy you have lists of due dates so I thought we could have a TTC date list just so we can see who is waiting til when! Then when the time comes we will have TTC buddies who are doing it at the same time and graduate over to TTC!

***Baby Grace, our first BFP here at UPSI Central, May 2009***
1stTimexx - Ruby - 3rd Feb - 5lb 13oz
Monkeynuts- Imogen- 10th Feb- 7lb 14oz
Becci Boo - Alfie James - 23rd Feb

Butterfly Fairy- 14th Feb 2010
PinkToothBrush- Mar 2010
MusoMami- April 2010
Serena82- May 2010
Amme- May 2010
Mini Eggs- May 2010 GIRL
Gecko- May 2010 BOY
Jellytots- June 2010
Rubarb- June 2010
MrsRaf- June 2010 BOY
-Nessie- June 2010
KeenBean- June 2010
hodgeysdorris- June 2010 GIRL
now married and broody- June 2010
MLT- July 2010
Little T- July 2010
michhopefulmummy2b- July 2010
CharlieGirl- July 2010
Gracie- July 2010
Lemon Cupcake- July 2010
montymini- July 2010
Maximum- July 2010
Wilma- Aug 2010
NicolaH- August 2010
Becky_Lou- August 2010
Katielouxx- August 2010
CeilidhA- Sept 2010
pinkprincess84- Sept 2010
MrsPointin-Sept 2010
SparklyFairy- Oct 2010
sianyp77- Oct 2010
plumduff- Oct 2010
Jellyfishpink- Nov 2010

Aggies Girl
Sparkling Diamond
Mrs Kangaroo

hmvdb- Sometime in 2010
Baby gaga- Feb/Mar
siany - March
2008mum- March
Lissysmummy- March
plumduff- April
Melmo- April
tink27- April
kitkat1983 - 4th May
MrsMcD- May
CHL- May/Jun
Babyfizz- July
x Laura and Lucy x- July
Chubs- July/Aug
princesspink- Jul/Aug
Lin+Lexie+Leah- August

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  • Fairy - ideally Sept/Oct but maybe Oct/Nov.

    Good idea Nicx!
  • great idea - We're thinking August but may start late July if that's how my cycles work out. Hopefully it won't take to long and we'll all see each other in Pregnancy!
  • well OH wants to wait til october at least but we havnt been careful at all and im sorta hoping it will happen before then, or already has!
  • prob sept/oct/nov time
  • I think June/JulyAug/Sep time

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  • Great idea - Sept for us
  • DH wants to wait till April but I'm hoping I can convince him to start sometime from January!
  • Sept/Oct - unless hubby changes his mind again :roll:

    my pills will run out at beginning of August anyway so that should give me some time to sort my cycle out image
  • We are thinking late July/August. On my last pill pack now, feeling a bit nervous about it all, so used to being on the pill! Anyone else?
  • I am hoping sept/oct/nov time. Good idea for a thread Nicx
  • August for me!!

    I want buddies!
    S xx
  • 11 May for me - GULP! xx
    (sorry to be so precise but am taking last pill on Saturday so with have last pill induced AF then we're off!)
  • Good luck Mrs Scotty, don't leave us though!!
    S xx
  • Good god no Snowcake!

    I want to stay in here where its calm and quiet.

    Don't feel ready to get engulfed in talk of CM and charting yet.....! xxxx

    (also the childish superstitious bit of me thinks that if we kind of pretend that we're not TTC but just not taking the pill then maybe it will happen quicker - stupid I know!!! oh and I'm TERRIFIED!)
  • oooh Mrs Scotty i'm so excited for you!

    will you use other protection until after your first proper (non-pill) AF? (sorry if tmi)
    or will you just get straight to it? :lol:
  • Mrs Scotty, how exciting !!! Stay here as long as you like!
  • aww thanks girls - I'll definitely be staying in here with you.

    MrsRaf - we are officially not using anything after I take my last pill. Although the idea makes my heart beat fast just thinking about it. I have also (very niavely) convinced myself that we'll be PG straight away as during what could be CD days 7 - 18 (assuming my natural cycle takes over where pill cylce left off) we'll be on holiday and doing the deed a lot more than we do at home. Terrible admission here - I think I'd almost prefer it if we didn't get PG straight away - how terrible is that!? xx
  • Ooooh MrsScotty, Yo'll be the first to 'graduate' to TCC. How exciting, I'm jealous!! Stay with us though, coz we are cool image
  • Yea, we are cool! image
  • 6th September for us!! Our second wedding anniversary!!

    Hubby told me i had to take the day off work, and when i reminded him it was a Sunday he said ' well you can forget about it being a day of rest'!

    Bless him!! xx
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