Best things to do to get pregnant?

Hi all,

apart from the obvious what can we do to increase our chances of getting pregnant? I know 14 days from the day your period is due is a good time to try but apart from that is there anything else we can do? xxxxx



  • Hey sweetie, Have a look at the SMEP. I tried it last month, and it apparently has a good success rate. I always thought I knew when I OV'd, but according to the OPK's I OV later.

    Some sites say to bd every other day before OV and after for the best chances.

    But most of all relax and enjoy all the bd'ing!!! lol!

    Good luck chook xxx
  • Morning!

    SMEP? xxx
  • sperm meets egg plan. you should find it if you google it. if not I'm sure someone on here will pop up with the link for you at some point.
  • Im over on ttc but i have ordered some agnus castus for getting a better cycle, we've got a CBFM, and ive heard evening primrose for the time between the end of your AF and OV is good but dont take it once you've OVd as it makes you contract and so not very good keeping a little bean safe.
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