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Any 2011ers?


Just wondering if there are any other 2011 TTCers out there. Doesn't it seem like SOOO far away?! image

Is anyone preparing their bodies in any way? I've gone onto decaff, I know it's early, but I thought it would be good for me any way (I have been sleeping much better!). When the time comes I'll start taking folic acid and him zinc. I'm trying to exercise a bit more :lol:

I thought this might be a nice place to talk about what we're doing, share some tips and then hopefully when 2011 rolls around we'll all know each other and can go through the process together!

I do get really excited and I have to remember not to wish our time together away.



  • Hello Reebacheeb

    I'm a 2011er too and it seems to be ages away! I'm trying to not let myself get too excited but I just can't help it sometimes. I have switched to decaff tea which has done me the world of good and I am trying to get fitter and eat more healthily but thats not quite as easy. My main problem is I have had low iron levels for years and I am trying really hard to get them high before we start ttc.

    I hope to get to know everyone better so hopefully there will be people to help with the stresses that can come with ttc :\)
  • Yey! Hello!

    I know what you mean about getting excited, when I was watching 'One Born Every Minute' I was ALWAYS in tears thinking, "That'll be me in the next couple of years!".

    Nice to meet you. Are you going to TTC early 2011? Are you on extra iron supplements or do you just have to eat lots of red meat? image

  • I'm currently just having multi vitamins as I was having problems absorbing iron tablets however having the vitamins is working, that and improving my diet. Its a slow process but its working which I'm thrilled about.
    We're hoping to start trying in May/June 2011 which I keep telling myself isn't that far away it just feels like it somedays! At the moment I'm just trying to learn as much as I can between now and then.
    When are you going to be ttc? :\)

    Fiona x
  • Hello!

    I'm a 2011er too (although I didn't want to be!)! We were planning to start TTC September originally, but as we worked out I really need to be on full income when we renew our mortgage in August, we can't really start trying until next January. :cry: Too sad!

    At the moment, I am cutting down on the caffeine and having just 1 caffeinated drink a day and the rest decaff (I drink about 4-5 cups of tea/ coffee a day on top of 4-5 cans of diet coke a day as well normally - I know it's really bad for me!). I am also trying to drink less alcohol, and so is hubby. I've have already started taking folic acid (I did think we would be trying in 4 months...) and hubby has some supplements too. Trying to get my 5 a day as well but I find it quite difficult! Hopefully I can build up over the months getting closer to TTC!

    Oh, and I came off the pill last month as well to give my body a chance to get itself back to normal. Still waiting for first AF....

  • MrsMtobe - Sounds like you're doing everything you can, I'm sure it'll really pay off when you start TTC. We're going to start in Feb 2011, because we're going to Africa in July and I want to be over 13wks but less than 26wks. Just praying that the timing will be right!

    racheybaby123 - You guys are being very sensible, I bet sometimes you're like "Grrrr NOW NOW NOW!" heehee. Well we'll be here until then I'm sure and we can share tips and experiences. We'll be trying around the same time, how exciting! I've read about a few people trying to get periods back to normal after the pill, but it'll get there in time!

    I couldn't take the pill or have the injection (I don't seem to cope well putting hormones into my body - crazy lady!), so we've been using the withdrawal method since we got married, not the most reliable I know!

    Feeling rotten today, cold image

  • I noticed on the other thread that you guys were talking about books, do you have any recommendations?

    MrsMtobe - You said that you couldn't justify spending the money, but maybe we could all get one book each and then post them to each other?

    Just a thought image
  • Yes, we both feel exactly like that Reebacheeb!! Trying to be sensible is sooo hard. Going to have to keep busy to keep my mind otherwise occupied!

    Going to Africa sounds exciting - where abouts are you off?

    I've bought a few books from car boots, but not read enough to recommend yet... watch this space though and I'll keep you updated! xx
  • Hello all :\)

    The book my partner got me is Your Pregnancy Week By Week by Lesley Regan. Although I haven't got very far into it yet (page 73 out of 435 lol) I would absolutely recommend it. It's pretty factual and goes through everything from conception to what to expect after birth, offering information from what your body may be doing to how you may feel. I can already tell it is going to be my pregnancy bible!
    I ordered a book from the other night. They have a lot of free books/information guides on there. I spotted the link in the TTC forum and thought hmm I'll have a look at that. Just waiting for that one to arrive now, was free postage as well as a free book. Can't go wrong!
    I have to say though, I love the idea of swapping books but the one I've got at the moment I am definately keeping hold of, partly as it was a present and partly because I can see it being very useful for a long time. I'm hoping to get a few more though at some point soon. As you can probably tell I'm a bit of a bookworm lol.
    Hope this helps
    Fiona xx

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  • Afternoon, what a busy day!

    RacheyBaby - We're going to Malawi, need to find out about injections and things before TTC. But we've been before so the ones from last time may still be valid. Should really go and chat to a doc about that.

    Fiona - Thanks for the titles, sounds great. I wish my hubby would get me one! I reckon he'd freak out if he saw me reading 'Your Pregnancy Week by Week"...guess I can always tell him I'm 'preparing' though.

    It seems to be turning into an obsession! Eeeek! Need to calm down!
  • Just tell him its best you know some of the things now as you want it all to be right. I'm a planner with everything so I think he knew that I'd have been buying one sometime soon anyway lol. You could always buy a more ferility and conception based one and tell him its of a need to know nature.
    I know with me this could all very easily turn into an obsession but oh well, I have to keep reminding myself it is next year we'll be trying not this year xx
  • I know what you mean about the danger of obsession! But I guess that's what places like this are for 1) To live out your obsession and 2) To give you peace of mind and multiple shoulders to cry on (if needed!).

    What a beautiful day! Enjoy it ladies image
  • Oh my word I just got a BFP. Clear Blue Digital "Pregnant 1-2".

    I can't believe it! I'm shaking as I type, wondered why I'd been feeling so weird this week!
  • Oh my gosh, a huge congratulations hun! :\) Eeeeeee exciting xx
  • Thanks Fiona, that wasn't expected at all. As you know we were up for 2011, but I guess God had other plans.

    Still hasn't sunk in yet though. Just feels like it's all a dream.

    Hope the little bean sticks around!
  • Fingers crossed he/she will stick around for you. Awwww I'm so excited for you (and a teency bit jealous though I know its not my time yet lol)

    I hope everything goes really well for you and I'll be looking out for posts from you to see how you're doing :\) x
  • I just realised how stalkerish that sounded lol, not how I meant it!

    Best of luck x
  • No it doesn't sound stalkerish at all! Thank you for your support!
  • Hello... Congratulations!! I certainly wasn't expecting to read that when I came on the 2011 thread! You must be so excited! Great that you've been doing the healthy things already in preperation! Wishing you the best of luck with everything. xxx
  • Thanks Rachey,

    It's a bit mad really, our night of passion was during ovulation time I guess, he just didn't get out quick enough - TMI!

    Still freaked out image
  • Lol! I'm not sure my hubby would manage that either! Must be quite a shock when you had 2011 in your mind... I guess LO will be due around when you were going to start trying now instead!

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