Just a Newbie Popping in to say Hello

Hiya all image

I've been a shameful loiterer for a while now, as I really want to try for Baby Number 2!! My DD is now 6 months old, and I love being a mummy so much, I can't wait to add to my little family, and hopefully make it a large one image

I'm REALLY keen to start TTC now, but my OH wants to wait till my DD is at least one year old, so we have decided to wait till October before officially trying!! We are using condoms, but that is the only contraception and if it was to happen I know OH wouldnt mind,

Anywhos, I just thought I'd pop in to introduce myself!! And give you all a big hello. image


  • hello

    we are wating to TTC no2 but will be waiting until december, seems soooo long away!

    good luck
  • Hello Piggypops

    October seems really far for me!! I'm loitering in born in forums and reading birth stories.... I had an awful birth but can't wait to do it all again image

    If October seems to be takoing forever, December must seem like a life time!!

    Good Luck to you tooo and thanks for replying to my post image
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