Help - off Cilest

Hi everyone. I am scared and need some advices please..

last sex on 30Jan,
had withdrawal bleed on 11th-14th Feb
meant to start next pack on 15th Feb but didnt. came off Cilest.

today 28th March, still havnt had my period yet.

is it normal? how long does it take to have my next period?
it is unlikely that I am pregnant, right? because i had the withdrawal bleed.
(i am not ready because i broke up with my bf and still studying)

Thanks for helping.

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  • Hi, I took my last pill (also Cilest) at the beginning of Feb and I'm still waiting too so I know how annoying and frustrating it can be. A few people have commented on my post so you're definitely not on your own x
  • i had my first af 32 days after i had my withdrawal bleed after coming off cilest
  • I am still waiting, how about you? It is very frustrating! arhh
  • It could be your anxiety that is delaying your AF- perhaps do a PT to put your mind at ease and then just wait to come on.

  • Strange you should say that funnyface, I decided to bite the bullet and do a test it came back negative and the day after AF arrived, lol!

    Hang in there vvv, it will happen. I started taking agnus castus and ovulated 5 days after starting with it and then AF arrived 14 days after that, maybe worth a try? image
  • thanks! I have not yet got my period. and I did a test 2 weeks ago and it came back negative. I will see a dr. on Monday.
    erm, do you think I need to do another test?
    what is agnus castus ? maybe I could suggest to my GP?!
  • went to see my GP on 12th April and he said I have done a pregancy test on 28th March which is accurate enough to say that I am not pregnant. Then he said there is no harm for not having period and so there is nothing he can do. He asked me to wait for another 2 months or so..

    do I need to do another test?
    is there anything can help for having period sooner? my tummy is so big now.. not sure thats because of pre-period or purly sitting all the time for revision...

    please advice?!
  • Hiya
    I was cilest for 9 years , I stopped it in may 2008 when we decided to try for our first baby.
    I didnt have a period until the january, I had seen my doctor after 6 months and she said it could be normal after being on the pill for so long but she took some bloods to make sure everything was ok (which is was) and said to wait another 4 months until the may , when it would have been a year since I stopped the cilest and she would do further tests.
    I didnt have another period after that one in the january and after do tests every month I finally discovered I was 4 weeks pregnant in the april, just before I was due to go see the doctor again.

    I know alot of people whos period got back to normal tho quite soon after stopping cilest tho so try not to worry, everyones different but still go see your doctor to help put your mind at rest xx
  • Hi Sarahmegg,
    thanks for replying. so it took you 7months to have normal period after stopped taking cilest.. tho. I stopped at the beginning of Feb and still waiting up to now.. sounds like there is no need for me to worry about it.
    I was on Cilest for 3 years.. went to see a dr. on 12th April.. when should I go back again (assum period still hasnt come) and request to do some blood tests?
    i did 2 tests and were negative as i said above, should i do another one?
    thanks x
  • oh.. & so you are now pregnant for about 5 weeks? congratulations.
  • oh.. & so you are now pregnant for about 5 weeks? congratulations.
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