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The Final Countdown- List of things to sort before UPSI!;10716;29/st/20090901/e/September+TTC%21%21%21%21/dt/5/k/e96d/event.png

Ok September girlies, I know we all had lists of things to do before starting TTC so how far are we along them with only 1 month to go?

We had to start saving for maternity leave and lose 1 more stone!!! Well, I can tell you that we have started saving (but not much yet) and I have not lost any weight in the last month!! Rubbish! I think realistically I could try and lose half a stone if I try really really hard!!!!

How's everyone else doing?


  • soooo jealous of your countdown!! you only have 1month and 2days left... bet you can not wait to UPSI.. we still have to wait till feb - bo0o0o! x
  • Well...i also wanted to lose a massive amount of weight but have only managed 5lbs...i've got 8 weeks til a possible BFP to lose a stone!

    Have also started saving for maternity leave - thanks to a very generous cheque - so i'm aiming to have 9, maybe 10 months off.

    Also wanted to clear up the confusion about the aspirin dilemma - which i have done!

    Just feel like i want to get on with it now but there's still 4 weeks to go til UPSI then another 2 after that til OV!! image
  • 1. Start saving a little bit extra each month so I can have more time off.
    2. Buy furniture for Lily's new room.
    3. Decorate Lily's new room.
    4. Move Lily into her new room so she's used to it (and new baby can her old room)!
    5. Make sure I am out of the school from hell and into a lovely school lol.
  • things i've done:
    lost a bit of weight
    started taking folic acid
    bought a new bed more conducive to baby-making image

    things i meant to do but havent:
    got my software well under way (it's still in early stages)

    things i was doing but now can't
    regular exercise (can't do anything at the moment)
    cooking from scratch at least 5 days a week (soooo not happening with only my left hand)
  • my plan seems to have changed completely!!
    TTC in aug - nope (May!!!)
    lose weight - nope
    save money - nope
    get fitter - nope
    pay of all debts - nope

    i got my permanent job
    we have bought a new house for our planned brood

    ooh Mrs Raf, think thats a good excuse for a new bedimage and of course you've not been able to do some of your things - hows your shoulder feeling today?

    Jellyfish, i don't think we've 'met' are you a teacher? I'm moving from a lovely school to one thats not in such a good area but im hoping i like it anyway - the staff seem lovely xx
  • To do list
    1. Lose about a stone - on my way but not as far on as i'd like
    2. Finish decorating the house and sell it - still decorating
    3. Save some money - definately not happening
    4. Increase or maintain exercise levels - just about maintaining at the mo

    September is coming round really fast which is a bit scary and very exciting. Still got 2 AF's to go yet :roll:
  • I have done.... precisely nothing!! Well, apart from coming off the pill - but that was months ago!!

    I have been doing lots of practice bd'ing though ;\)
  • Well we were supposed to be TTC from Sept as getting married on the 5th! but we may or may not have accidently not bothered with protection the last couple weeks (OOOps) so guess you could say we're UPSI-ing (snigger)

    So things i've done:
    Got hubby2b in baggy boxers for last 2mths and cut his caffiene intake down

    I've started Mum&bump sainsburys pre-&-post pregnancy tablets (vitamins & folic acid)

    Not needing to loose weight as think family would go ape plus my wedding dress fits perfectly as it is

    Regular exercise - tick!

    Good diet - tick!

    Things to do:

    We're going onto one wage as of Oct (after Hmoon) so that we can then save my wage up ready for if and when a baby arrives. If we're lucky to have caught straight away our next egg will be lovely, if not then it will keep building till a baby comes along.

    Pretty organised me thinks

    PP84 x
  • Jellytots - I usually lurk in baby forum but am ''allowed'' to start planning for baby number two now - yay! My school is in the top ten % of the most deprived in the country (really upsetting stuff at times). I love the kids and am used to that type of school it is the deputy from hell that has meant 11 staff in two years have left and I plan to be the next one!

    Forgot to add to my list start taking folic acid!

  • ooh jellyfish, when are you planning on starting UPSI-ing? Wow thats alot of teachers to leave!!
  • If you met the deputy you would know why people were leaving! two of them were HLTAs, two TA ands rest teachers.

    We did say October then hubby has now said December but am trying to convince him October would be better! xxx
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