What to do? Advice plz! lol

Hi Ladies

What it is is i have 2 job interviews this week one just in a warehouse sorting out magazines to send out to the shops and the other is working in a call centre and inputting data and wat not on a computer. Anyway, I was hoping to try for baby no 3 at the end of the year so obviously job number 1 is looking bad because their not gonna allow me to lift while pregnant but i'm also worried that even though the office job one is pretty simple and doesn't involve lifting their gonna be quite peeved if i go in at the end of the year and announce i'm expecting because then i'll feel like i've wasted their time when it comes to having the baby and leaving for maternity leave even though i'll be straight back as soon as i'm good and ready!

What are your views on the situation? Would it be mean to not tell them i might be trying for another baby after my wedding or should i just go with the flow and hope things will work out ok when the time comes?



  • Hi Hun,

    I am in the same situation! I am planning number 3 as well, in fact, we are not preventing at the moment. I have been back and forward over the decision for ages, for many reasons, but one of the main ones beginning my job sitaution. I was working part time up until a few months ago but I lost my job. Since then I have been looking but so far I haven't had much luck. I,like you, kept worrying about should we be trying if I am still job hunting. But, we are lucky in the sense that my dh is due a promotion soon so it wouldn't be out of the question for me to stay a SAHM for the time being as we have been coping fine on dh's wages since I lost my job. It would still be nice to have some extra cash and work experience though.
    I am still going to job hunt, legally no where can turn you down for a job when you are already pg, they definately couldn't have an opinion or penalise you in anyway for trying...especially in your case when you are thinking about the end of the year...it's quite a while until then. I wouldn't mention it at all- what will be will be. I do think it might be worth thinking again about the warehouse job though if you are looking for long term work because as you say, there will be lifting involved. The other one though, just go with the flow.

    Good luck with the interviews!
  • Thank you hunni!

    I've actually just got a call back from the call centre one and their wanting me to do an online test which they'll send though an email, then get me in for an interview tomorrow so i can start Monday! I wasn't expecting that! lol.

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